Behind the scenes of the video work "PURE JAM 2 -STILL JAMMING-" born from the pure session that Takaharu Nakai wants

The second "PURE JAM 2 -STILL JAMMING-" of the video work "PURE JAM" produced by Takaharu Nakai was already released at the end of last year, but the behind-the-scenes video is now on YouTube's PURE JAM channel. It's open to the public, so let's introduce it.Not only does it convey a realistic session feeling at the shooting site, but it is also an interesting and spectacular edit, so please check it out.

In the first place, PURE JAM is what Nakai really wants to do with the professional snowboarders he likes ... For example, the riders themselves do not "shine" with the photos and videos requested by cameramen and filmers. It is a movie that cuts out the appearance of a session with turns, lines, and tricks that you feel purely "want to slip" and "want to do".It's full of comfort, fun, fun, and coolness, and has attracted many fans so far.

The second behind-the-scenes footage to be introduced from now on is uploaded in order from the oldest session date from the shooting over the two seasons (2-2 and 2019-20). Let's check each episode with the narration of SHAKE ROCK, who also provides music to PURE JAM.

Episode-1 <Koji Nakai x Nosei Uemura x Ryo Aizawa>


Episode-2 <Koji Nakai x Nosei Uemura x Ryo Aizawa x Yuri Okubo>


Episode-3 <Koji Nakai x Ryo Aizawa x Yuri Okubo>


Episode-4 <Takaharu Nakai x Nosei Uemura x Rui Masuda x Yusaku Horii x Asahi Yoshino>


Episode-5 <Koji Nakai x Ryoki Masuda x Asahi Yoshino x Yuta Kiyohara>


Episode-6 <Koji Nakai x Yusaku Horii x Yuta Kiyohara>


Episode-7 <Koji Nakai x Yuta Kiyohara x Yusaku Horii>


Episode-8 <Koji Nakai x Yusaku Horii>


Episode-9 <Koji Nakai x Ryoki Masuda x Yusaku Horii x Yuta Kiyohara>


Episode-10 <Koji Nakai>


Nowadays, "PURE JAM" often seems to be a crew name, but Nakai says he is not a crew.Even if the rider is active in another movie project, Nakai wants to slide with him, and if the timing is right with that rider, he will feel free to have a session.Spend the best time in the snowy mountains with the best friends. Have a 100% pure rider's session.The concept is not blurred even in this work.

By the way, the latest subtitle "STILL JAMMING" is "There are various worlds such as corona, but we are still continuing snowboarding as a lifestyle, snowboarding that we pursue, and JAM as usual because of what the riders want to do. It is said that it is derived from Nakai's desire to convey that he is terrifying.


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