Beyond the boundaries of ladies, men should also check it out! "JILL LYT BOA" is filled with the thoughts of udonko

Women's snowboard boots that decorate the slopes with trendy dull colors and floral patterns that girls love.I want to look stylish even on snowy mountainsBorn from the passion of udon noodles,GirlsMust-seefashionable designPay attention to!

Q23: 24-XNUMX What kind of season was it for Udon-chan?

Udon:This year, I wanted to become a hybrid snowboarder, so I took carving lessons, researched how to ride the dots of Gura Tori, and tried banked snowboarding.This season, I tried many different genres, and I started to like snowboarding even more. It was a season full of new discoveries that expanded the range of snowboarding!

Q2: Have you decided on your future plans?

Udon:Once the season is over, I haven't been home much this year due to test drives and events, so I'd like to spend some time with my beloved dog, Don, a 17-year-old miniature pinscher! Also, this year I'm going to buy a Sapp and make my Sap debut! I'm a bit late to the boom (lol), but this summer I'm planning on going to a lot of SUP instead of just off-training!

Q3: Why did you choose JILL? How do they feel?

Udon: JILLWhat I like most about the double bore is that depending on how you tighten the two points, you can loosen it when you want to use the movement of your ankles when doing grating or jibbing, or tighten it firmly for a better hold when you want to enjoy jumping or free running. is my favorite. These boots fit your feet perfectly from the first time you put them on, and won't wear out easily, so you can use them for a long time!

Q24: The 25-XNUMX model JILL's graphics are really cute!

Udon:thank you! ! It's a work I'm proud of! Udon, I've always wanted to enjoy snowboarding from the looks of it, and I've always wanted cute and stylish boots, and since I was able to design them this time, I created them with the concept of boots that look cute and stand out! Just having something cute can make you feel excited! So every time I wear these boots, I feel like eating udon every day! These boots are for girls who want to enjoy both snowboarding and fashion! Next season in the snowy mountainsJILLIf I could meet someone who wears them, I might be so happy that I'd hug them (lol)! !

Q5: Cute boots are hard to come by, so this model would be really nice for girls. And it comes with udon-chan's hoyo! w How did the design progress? It seems difficult to design from scratch!

Udon:Ever since I started snowboarding, I've been looking for cute boots and fantasizing about them, and I'm really happy that Udon was able to create the cute boots that he wanted to wear! I still can't believe that the boots designed by Udon are now being sold all over the world! It really feels like a dream! During the production process, I received a lot of advice from all the Udon girls, and the boots became Udon's treasured boots filled with lots of memories! Everyone I meet thinks these boots are cute! I'm so happy that I came up with the udon design that I'm proud of it!

Q6: How did you go about creating the design?

Udon:I had an idea that I wanted to use pink, light blue, and floral patterns for a while, and I told all the Udon Girls in the LINE group, ``I want to make boots with this kind of image, I want to make boots that are full of cuteness!'' We sent each other various images and patterns, and we all came up with ideas of what would be cute, and all of the Udon girls had great taste, and we were able to get a lot of inspiration from them! It was my first experience designing everything, and I was so happy at first that it was fun! I was designing the boots with a winning design, but until the design was completed and the boots were completed, I didn't know if it was really a good idea. . I started to feel a lot of anxiety, and what if the finished product wasn't what I had imagined. . What if it doesn't sell? . I was nervously waiting for the sample to be completed, thinking, ``Oh, I might want to try again'' (lol), but the finished boots were 200 times cuter than I expected, and I held them in my hands. I was impressed when I did it!

Q7: It's a treasure that will last a lifetime! What kind of girls is JILL recommended for?

Udon:HEAD's boots are made with a lot of unique technology, and are characterized by the fact that they conform to your feet from the moment you put them on, so you won't feel any pain. The more you wear it, the more it will fit your feet, and you can use it for a long time. If you are worried about the comfort of your boots, please try them on at a snowboard shop! The double BOA system allows you to freely adjust the tightness of the ankle, so it can be firmly fixed for powerful, high-speed skiing, and can be loosened for easier movement when riding on graze or jibbing, making it suitable for riders of all genres, from beginners to advanced riders. it's recommended."JILL"Although it is a girls model, I would like men to try it on if the size fits them too! Wearing the cute boots designed by Udon, we would be happy if you could enjoy a lot of fashion in the snowy mountains, take lots of photos, and post them on SNS with #head!

Q8:picture! ? So if a man wears it, will he hug him too? ? lol If that's the case, fans should fight for JILL! ! w

Udon:Of course! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the snowy mountains! Ah, if you see Mudon at the off-training facility, please come and talk to me! I'm very happy to hear from you! !

Name Udon Miyauchi/ ■Height/164cm ■Stance/Regular/Width of stance 50cm ■Angle/9 degrees in front, -6 degrees in back ■Snowboard history/11 years ■Home Mountain/None!I'm going to play in various mountains! ■ Items used / board: head EVERYTHING LYT Boots: head JILL LYT BOA FOCUS Binding: SP Binding CORE ME ■Instagram/ @udoooonn