YONEX / SPINE CUSTOMIZE SYSTEM allows you to customize the binding with the best flex by replacing the carbon shaft.

In order to enjoy snowboarding comfortably, the performance of bindings and boots is just as important as board selection.The ``SPINE CUSTOMIZE SYSTEM'' independently developed by YONEX is a state-of-the-art system that fits the performance of the board such as flex and torsion, and allows you to perfectly match the feel under your feet that you desire. is.
 SPINE CUSTOMIZE SYSTEM places one carbon shaft in the center of the highback.As you can predict by looking at it, it has a high degree of freedom in the lateral direction, and has a structure that can accommodate flexible freestyle movements.Furthermore, the center carbon shaft can be replaced.In other words, by replacing the shaft with a carbon shaft of different hardness, you can change the hardness of the highback and easily customize it to the feel required in various situations.
You can also experiment with various customizations, such as matching it to your own feeling, or bringing out even more performance by matching the board's flex and torsion.Changes in feel that normally would not be possible without replacing the bindings can be achieved simply by replacing the carbon shaft.
In other words, SPINE CUSTOMIZE SYSTEM is an all-round binding that can cover a very wide range of performance.

High back that fits your feet perfectly and offers a high degree of freedom
Centered around a carbon shaft placed in the center, the basic highback is flexible in the lateral and torsional directions, allowing for a high degree of freedom for the ankle.Great for maneuverability during freestyle tricks.Carbon shaft
You can customize the shaft by selecting 100 types of hardness: HARD (80), MID (60), and SOFT (3).Thorough customization is possible, such as using shafts of different hardness for the front and rear bindings.

Can be adjusted to suit all situations by adjusting the firmness
¥ 55,000 (tax included)
COLOR: Matte black, ice gray

By replacing the perfect round carbon shaft in the center of the highback with a different hardness (sold separately), you can easily adjust the flex to best suit the scene while maintaining lateral freedom.One set can meet all your needs, such as a hard one for carving in compacted snow, and a soft one for powder.New colors are also available.


Flexible falling with flexible base specifications
¥ 49,500 (tax included)
COLOR: Off-white, black, dark gun

The popular SPINE system has been improved in material and shape, and is equipped with a flexible base that gives you a flexible feel under your feet.The degree of freedom in expressing your style is increased when playing gravitas or park, which emphasizes board control in the low to medium speed range.You can especially enjoy the full effect by using it on softer flex and torsion boards.


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