Backcountry prince, Blake Paul's professional model "HYPER" _GNU

Recommended for those who want to master mountain freestyle

Size: 154, 157, 159W, 160cm
Price: ¥ 104,500 (tax included)

Known as the home mountain of Travis Rice and Bryan Iguchi, Jackson Hall is currently selected for the stage of the backcountry slopestyle contest "NATURAL SELECTION".Since moving to this area at the age of 7, Blake Paul, a young talented person who has slipped into the abundant natural terrain and is also called the "backcountry prince" in the United States and is invited to the aforementioned NATURAL SELECTION.It is this "HYPER" that he loves.
Its features are a double camber structure (HYBRID C2X) with a rocker at the board center and camber under both feet, and a long float nose and a tapered directional shape.And the point that it is equipped with magnet traction, which is Marvin's original edge technology.In addition, the waist is set slightly narrower, and it has an exquisite "neck".Thanks to these, the buoyancy of the powder is perfect, and the board center is a rocker, but the carving sharpness is outstanding.In addition, a carbon power band is built in from this season's model and power is added.
However, what is worrisome is whether the break board, which has a big field called Jackson Hole as its home, matches the Japanese field where the swamp terrain and the spacing between trees are tight.So he asked Takanori Hayashi, who often shoots in the northern Hokkaido area, about his feelings. "I have one powder, carving, and park all in one. The C2X structure has a setback of 3.8 cm, so the initial speed with powder is pretty good. And thanks to the thin waist, the edge of carving Switching is non-stress. Personally, the flex feels about 10 out of 4 stages, so it's very easy to handle. It's perfect for people who like free riding, but even if you fly 20m or more in the park that you entered as it is I can afford it. "
Also, according to Hirosuke Otomo, who is active in INK MOVIE, "I feel that this season's model is a little more elastic than last year's model. Basically, I often ride with powder, but it is also very interesting when skiing on the slopes. It feels great to switch edges and pull out the tail after pulling the turn. I think it's an interesting board in the Japanese field, depending on the mountain. "
Not only for those who want to ski while interweaving freestyle movements in the backcountry like breaks, but also for those who are interested in mountain freestyle, such as cruising the slopes and doing tricks everywhere.

HYBRID C2X with double camber structure
It features high-speed stability created by a large twin camber and sharp carving.Since the board center has a rocker structure, the nose naturally rises and there is no complaint about the floating feeling with powder.
Magnet traction boasting an edge grip power that is different from the order of magnitude
It features a wavy edge with seven different sized protrusions that anyone can easily see that the edge is swelling.The rocker structure of the board center makes it easy to imagine loose movement, but this magnetic traction promises a reliable edge grip.
The sharpness created by the "neck"
In addition to magnetic traction, the thinness of the waist is one of the representative features of HYPER.The goodness of edge switching when carving is largely due to the thinness of this waist.

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