NITRO's binding for mountain freestylers, ONE

Speaking of NITRO, we often see the board on which Miyabi Onitsuka and Marcus Kleveland were riding at the Saru Beijing Olympics, the QUIVER series by Brian Fox became a hot topic, and it was announced that STEP ON boots will be newly added to the lineup. Recently, there have been many topics related to boards and boots.However, here is an important interface that connects the board and boots.Yes, it's a binding.
This ONE is a representative model of NITRO's freestyle binding, and has improved the middle flex design ZERO with a high degree of freedom around the ankle to an all-mountain model.Its greatest feature is the asymmetrical high back. In order to improve the response compared to ZERO, the pads other than the heel part are removed, and the boots and high back are in direct contact.Thanks to that, the finish is such that the rider's intended movement can be transmitted to the board more instantly.Some riders on the team call this model the "NITRO binding ATV", with a wide variety of terrain scattered in the backcountry with grooming burns, side hits and fresh powder on the slopes. It seems that it is called because it can be handled.
Also, among the models equipped with air damping that NITRO is proud of, it is set at a low price, but cable parts are built in the connector part of the strap, and it is easy to take a natural stance and put your knees inside at the time of turn. Equipped with all the technologies used in high-spec models, such as an easy-to-use base plate with a cant.The high cost performance is what makes this ONE so attractive.
It's not just snowboarding, it's a lot of work to get everything from scratch.People who have been playing freestyle in the park so far want to play with the whole mountain, so-called mountain freestyle world.How about taking that first step with ONE?

Size: M, L
Price: ¥ 42,000

Left-right asymmetric high back
Not only the asymmetrical shape, but also the pad other than the heel part is omitted to improve the response, and it is designed so that the boots and high back can touch directly.
The heel airbag plays two roles
NITRO's original air damping system is installed in the heel part.This airbag is not easily affected by the temperature and not only softens the big impact of landing, but also effectively absorbs the small vibrations transmitted from the snow surface, leading to a smooth ride.
Three cants are knee-friendly
The footbed is tilted 3 degrees so that it is lower toward the center.It's easy to take a natural stance, reduce the burden on your knees, and even put your knees inside when turning to make it easier to get into a compact posture.
If you look at this picture, you can see how much the cant is in.
Connector with built-in steel cable
The connector part of the strap is reinforced by embedding a steel cable.This prevents the connector from stretching and improves response.Even if the connector should break, it will prevent the parts from being damaged.


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