Austria, China, America! !!

When I noticed, I didn't write a blog. .. ..Lol

I will do my best to write!


I went to Austria and China for the tournament.

Now I'm in Colorado, USA for practice! ♫

Did you win the'Pleasure Jam'in Austria?


After the qualifying, I could only practice one by the time the final started ...

In the final, I was thinking of going with a routine that was completely different from the qualifying, so I couldn't succeed in practice and it was almost a hit.Lol

I'm glad I was able to stand as a result and win the championship ☺️

Was'Air + Style'held in Beijing about 15th?It didn't work ...


After passing the qualifying, I suddenly decided to play against McMorris in the second round of the final round, and I lost shortly after I resisted. .. ..

After all, at the same time as I thought that all the people in the top class are good

If this is the case, you can practice next time!I also thought!

There is no basis, but lol


After all it is quite disappointing to lose even if the opponent is strong.

The practice from now on will make you even more enthusiastic! !!

And now I'm in America for practice ☃

At the national team training camp?

I will definitely get better and go back to Japan! !!