ARK's high-quality protector protects your upper body: If you want to try tricks, your upper body is also a must-have

Upper body injuries are surprisingly common.

"Snowboarding has a fixed footing, so wear protectors to prevent damage to your body."
The lower body, especially the buttocks and knees, are more likely to get hit even if you fall from normal riding.So I think there are many people who think like that and try to wear protectors for their lower body.
However, it is also true that there are many people who unexpectedly suffer from unexpected upper body injuries.For example, if you fall violently, such as being blown off the wrong edge, and your shoulder is slammed into the hard snow surface, you may dislocate it, or if you cover it with your hands, you may end up with a broken bone.
And the higher the skiing speed, the greater the risk of injury.They put their hands on their hands to protect themselves or try to make an impossible recovery, causing injuries to their arms and joints.
However, it is too dangerous for a living body to absorb the impact without using the arms.That's why you should wear a protector on your upper body to protect your body from impact.
If you increase your skiing speed to your limit, an upper body protector will surely demonstrate its power.

If you are going to try a trick, you should also wear your upper body.

If you try a trick on a kicker, jib, halfpipe, or grator, you'll probably make a lot of mistakes until you get better at it.At the same time, he would also be running the risk of hitting various parts of his upper body.
What's more, there is also a part of the upper body called the spinal cord that is important for human life.That's why you should wear a protector that will protect your body properly.
Some people may be worried that it will be difficult to move if I wear a protector.But with high-quality snowboard protectors, you don't have to worry about that.After repeated various tests, it has a structure that does not hinder ease of movement.It not only gives you a sense of security that your body is supported, but also has a positive effect on heat retention, making it easier to move.It is important to choose such products carefully, including the size.

ARK's BODY protector

ARK protectors are used by many top riders.The reason for this is that it uses superior materials and a unique high-performance structure based on feedback from numerous riders. ARK is made with careful attention to detail, including the material, composition, position and shape of the pad, and sewing, so you can use it with confidence.
Even if you call it a protector, there are some that have pads that become hard in extremely cold conditions, so you need to be careful when choosing a product.
By the way, ARK uses a natural rubber foam called PF01 for its padding, and this material does not harden even at low temperatures, absorbs, disperses, and rebounds shock, and also retains heat.Furthermore, on both sides, we use a uniquely developed pad made of 3D AIR MESH that increases breathability and further repulsion, and EVA of different hardness that has repulsion against impact.We are developing highly complete protectors by thoroughly pursuing ways to reduce impact.
Below, I would like to introduce two types of ARK's BODY protectors.

High-grade model pursuing the latest technology

The pad placed on the spinal column has a specially molded three-layer structure with different hardness. The double adoption of PF-3FORM and 01D AIR MESH enables shock absorption, repulsion, and dispersion that could not be achieved with conventional soft foam.By wearing the inner belt, the back pad is fixed in the appropriate position.The included elbow pad can be worn inside or outside depending on your preference.
Item no: AR11301
Size: (UNISEX)XS, S, M, L, XL
Color: Black
Price: ¥ 38,500

A lightweight, strong and easy-to-move model born from the opinions of ARK riders

This jacket was born from feedback from numerous ARK riders, and is lightweight and has sufficient impact resistance, while also focusing on ease of movement.By using 3D AIR MESH on the pad surface that touches the body, breathability is improved compared to previous models.It's lightweight and very easy to move around in, so it's perfect for enjoying the park or playing games.Since it uses PF01, which does not harden even at low temperatures, it will firmly support your body even in the cold top season.Moreover, it has a durable construction, so it is highly rated by riders who use it hard.
Item no: AR11302
Size: (UNISEX)XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Color: Black
Price: ¥ 25,300

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