Arai Resort!How do riders play! ??

IMG_7523To my student

I have a chopper (No, everyone calls it a chop, and I'm the only one who calls it a chopper ...)

Until recently, Chopper was on a journey to practice samurai alone in the United States, and that chopper will return to Japan.

In time

Director YONEX Liu of Nagano Blush, Otomo & Chopper in the elan van of Akakan Digars

We've joined together because we're glide through Lotte Arai Resort!

What kind of play will the riders at Arai Resort, which I checked the other day, play?

To answer such a question

I went to shoot again with CASIO G'z Eye!

It's been a really funny day, so please check it out ~ \ (^ o ^) /