Approaching BILLABONG's JAPAN LIMITED (Japan limited model).

mixJAPAN LIMITED was released on BILLABONG SNOW 10 years ago.At that time, there were still few Japanese BILLABONG riders, and the product lineup up to that point consisted only of global models.After that, as the brand made a big leap, director Dezzy and many Japanese riders including Tadashi Fuse joined the team to start domestic planning, exchanging opinions with them and inspiring the riders. And, the identity of the brand will be fused and a Japanese limited model will be released.Not only in terms of design, but also in the selection of functions and materials that suit the climate of the snowy mountains of Japan, detailed and convenient specifications, and even the fitting size as a Japanese, we have a lineup as a product that focuses on the user. continuing.
In the 2018/2019 season, the theme of JAPAN LIMITED is the revival of the 90's.In this article, we will focus on Japan-only clothing that involves three of Japan's leading BILLABONG riders, Tadashi Fuse, Kazushige Fujita, and Asami Hirono.

Tadashi_portlate_3TADASHI MODEL
Needless to say, it is a snowboarder representing the world, and the signature model of BILLABONG's main rider Tadashi Fuse.While creating a design concept every season, various functions are incorporated so that he can support him who slides on the big mountain in terms of functionality, and it is designed with special attention to cutting and material selection that does not hinder movement when sliding. There is.
Tadashi_SprayThe theme for this term is "THROWBACK '92". BILLABONG first released snowwear in 1992.The first rider was Noah Sarasneck.At the time he was a BILLABONG and SIMS rider and the same sponsor as the current Tadashi.The story swelled from a coincidence, and by inspiring the wear design of the time and combining it with the old school style of Tadashi, the slowback design is incorporated into the wear.The BILLABONG logo of the time is adopted for this classical design.



Shige_IT165281_usuiSHIGE MODEL
"Forestlog", which Kazushige Fujita presides over, is a creative self-expression through all production activities, and the product is created with the feeling of collaborating with its unique world view.In his inspiration, the design often changes so much that it changes every season.
Among them, this term is inspired by the ACG windbreaker of '90S used clothing, and the design is improved based on the flashy colors that were popular at that time.The good old classical historical background and what he expresses are well crossed over and incorporated into modern products.

Copy of A63I5152ASAMI MODEL
Although not made public, WOMEN'S's JAPAN LIMITED line is released while deciding the design and color every season in collaboration with her.In other words, the life-sized design that Asami Hirono wants to dress is incorporated into BILLABONG wear.

BBfilm134_1 In this term, her playful leggings, boots in, windbreaker and sunglasses style are designed to match the theme of BILLABONG's NEW WAVE.The jacket has drop shoulders and an oversized fit creates a classic style.

A63I5256Why don't you choose these products developed by Japanese people for Japanese snowboarders this winter?


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