ANORAK RAGLAN and VOLT BALACLAVA for total coordination of ELECTRIC

Size: S ~ XXL
Color: BLACK
Price: ¥ 18,700 including tax

Color: H.GREY
Price: ¥ 4,730 including tax

ANORAK RAGLAN is active in the spring season and town use.A highly water repellent jacket featuring a large front pocket.The side pockets have zips so that things in the pockets won't fall off while riding.If you open the side zip wide, you can easily put it on and take it off.It's a little oversized and it's cool.In addition, VOLT BALACLAVA, which uses a polyester material mixed with spandex, is useful not only in early spring when the sunlight is strong, but also in extremely cold regions.Come to accompany the total coordination!

Side zip makes it easy to put on and take off!
The anorak jacket is made of solid fabric, so it is not so stretchable.Therefore, by mounting a zip on the side, stress when putting on and taking off is reduced.

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