Kenji Ando “ANDY” signature model “ANDY x DAYZE WARPIG” is born!

RIDE Snowbaords celebrated its 1992th anniversary last season in 2022/2023 since its birth in 30. Japan Team's top rider Kenji Ando, ​​also known as "Andy", also celebrated his 10th anniversary with RIDE Japan last season. ANDY, who turned 2023 this year in 50, has finally released his signature model.

SIZE: SMALL(148cm), MEDIUM(151cm), LARGE(154cm)
PRICE: ¥ 93,500 (tax included)

The long-awaited signature model of Kenji Ando “ANDY”, the man who made WARPIG a popular model.The graphics are a unique world view expressed by artist DAYZE, and the image of multiplayer ANDY is drawn on WARPIG's canvas.WARPIG is a board that is as versatile as ANDY, from snowboarding to skateboarding, BMX, and even fishing.Demonstrates outstanding performance in any category, including all-mountain, freestyle, and carving.

``I want to release a signature board as a US brand someday.''That dream came true at the age of 50.I've been snowboarding for about 30 years, and I decided to make my signature board based on WARPIG, which had the most impactful feeling ever.And Ryosuke from DAYZE, who I had always wanted to draw the graphics for, expressed my image.If you work hard, have fun, and keep skating, you can still produce your signature board even when you're 1 years old.This is also a message to send to today's young people.I'm really happy and grateful that I was able to leave it in this form.It's a great feeling to imagine people skiing on this board at ski resorts all over the country.I hope you all like this board."-Kenji Ando "ANDY"-

DAYZE is made up of professional snowboarder Yusaku Horii and his younger brother Ryosuke Horii, who is also a snowboarder and artist. “ANDY x DAYZE WARPIG” is designed by Ryosuke Horii.Based on light green, this piece of art is filled with all of ANDY's activities such as playing the guitar, fishing, and snowboarding.



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