A full lineup of high-performance models!! Introducing the latest lineup of ALLIAN that "just runs well!" in a video!!

2023-2024 ALLIAN
No matter which model you choose, you are sure to get high performance.
“Just runs well.”
Aim to improve your skills with ALLIAN's latest model

ALLIAN has been developing the highest quality snowboards for over 20 years. By incorporating high-performance materials and structures and concepts that incorporate advanced technology, we have continued to evolve into high-quality snowboards that snowboarders desire. In addition to the standard popular models such as the flagship series "PRISM", models with innovative concepts such as "DAMAGE" for grating, "CURVER" for carving, and "FREE LINE" for powder are also becoming popular. Its excellent running performance has earned it tremendous support from top snowboarders.
The biggest appeal of ALLIAN is that it is high-performance, lightweight, easy to handle, and has a tough construction. Moreover, its excellent cost performance is also a major attraction.

The classic best performance board pursuing "fastest and strongest operability"

ALLIAN's best-selling model "PRISM" has a classic outline and camber shape that emphasizes operability and high-speed stability, and explosive pop power. The NANO CARBON sole's overwhelming gliding performance and mid-flex maneuverability have won many titles in numerous freestyle/freeride competitions. The fastest and most powerful all-round board developed over time and cost. His INVISIBLE with a black base design is also popular.
Size: 150, 152, 155 (PRISM) 150, 152, 155, 158 (PRISM INVISIBLE)
Price: ¥ 85,800 (tax included)

Freestyle board for all-round fun

A twin camber model that boasts soft flex but high pop performance and outstanding operability. The carbon fleece and gently winged twin camber, which are used only on the ATLANTIS, create outstanding maneuverability and repulsion. The rocker has enough flotation power for powder riding and the quick side curve makes it easy to carve on hard slopes. Regardless of your level, from beginners to advanced, we will be your partner who will always keep your motivation at the highest level.
Sizes: 148, 151, 154
Price: ¥ 74,800 (tax included)

If you want to master skate-like skating

If you want to enjoy snowboarding in a skate-like way, and are especially good at spin-type and press-type tricks, this "GRIND" is perfect for you. The contact length is shorter than other freestyle boards, the tip and tail swing weights are lighter, and the camber value is lowered to create a slightly slacker kick shape, which improves maneuverability and press stability. I'm uploading it. This is a board that can be played by a wide range of players, from beginners to stylish advanced users.
Sizes: 151, 153, 155
Price: ¥ 63,800 (tax included)

"DAMAGE" for jib & grator

A model that has received high support from Jibber & Gratrim enthusiasts. Despite its soft flex and mid-camber, it features excellent repulsion and stability. The ease of ollie and the balance performance on approach and landing are at a high level that rivals ALLIAN's top models. The thick nose and tail and deep side cut are the outline that focuses on run and press tricks. In addition, this reasonable price is impossible even though it uses the IS 7610 sintered base with high-speed sliding performance.
Sizes: 147, 150, 153, 155
Price: ¥ 74,800 (tax included)

Highly complete model recommended for all levels

An all-mountain board that allows you to enjoy the superior glide performance that ALLIAN is known for at a reasonable price. Although it has a soft flex, the camber's solid carving performance and stability, as well as the lightweight and responsive board, are gentle even for beginners and will steadily support your progress. This is a highly complete board that has the potential to satisfy even advanced freestyle enthusiasts.
Sizes: 138, 142, 145
Price: ¥ 68,200 (tax included)

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