Enjoy free carving on all terrains of snowy mountains "LOVE BUZZ" series _Gray Snowboards with elaborate original design for all sizes

Adopted a low single camber
Introducing a new design series

Gray Snowboards
Size: 48, 52, 56, 57 [ROCKER], 57 [CAMBER], 58, 62 (photo is 62)
Price: ¥ 103,400 (tax included)

Among the Gray Snowboards lineup, the LOVE BUZZ series is an all-mountain freeride series that proposes to play using the natural terrain of the entire snowy mountain.Each size has a characteristic outline and arch bend, and it has been developed as a board that pursues ride quality and play style for various terrains, not just size development.All 6 models were released this season, but the shape has been renewed in the new model, and all XNUMX models will be deployed. Attention is focused on the newly designed model that has evolved further by introducing Gray's excellent know-how.
In the new shape, a low single camber is adopted, and a long moon tail with a large R is adopted.It can flexibly respond to changes in the slope, has a side cut that combines three arcs, and the turn is extremely smooth, and you can fully enjoy free carving by taking advantage of the excellent exercise performance.
At first glance, it looks like a powder-oriented shape, but LOVEBUZZ has a wide range of adaptability, from powder to carving of snow-packed burns, and is a board that allows you to freely enjoy all slopes.In particular, it has outstanding operability and a sense of stability for playing down terrain such as slopes and swamp terrain of natural terrain.
The LOVE BUZZ 62 is introduced in the photo this time, which is a long men's model that appeared with a new design.The lineup includes 58 for men's standard length and 52 for shorter men's models.In addition, 48 is released as a women's model.Detailed specifications are finely adjusted for each length, and it is set so that a wide range of users can select a model that fits their body perfectly.
The LOVEBUZZ series also uses S-Low Camber, and the mountain cruiser LOVEBUZZ 56, which produces outstanding buoyancy even with powder, and the LOVEBUSS 5, which uses a multi-side cut that combines five arcs, are available in two types: Powder Rocker and Single Camber.Let's enjoy the fun of snowy mountains at full throttle with the LOVE BUZZ series that has each riding taste.


LOVEBUZZ 62 adopts 7mm single low camber
The camber in the center part is 62mm for LOVE BUZZ 7, and the nose is slightly changed to a looser camber.
The nose part adopts a loose side curve and camber, and while generating sufficient buoyancy, by stepping on the board, the snow contact point enters the inside and introduces it to a smooth turn.
Moontail with a large R.Excellent controllability that can flexibly respond to slope changes
Graphite sole that maintains sufficient strength and has excellent gliding performance

> Pre-emptive gear feature: Gray Snowboards
> "MACH", a run and trick version dedicated to the mid-low speed range, reborn with an emphasis on tricks

> "DELIGHT", a carving board for entry-level customers with a soft flex design that allows you to enjoy easy carving from medium to low speeds.
> High-end full twin board "EPIC" equipped with "active camber" that makes the snow contact point loose


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