All-round board BOUND "MIRROR" that is surprisingly easy to use

Size: 136, 141, 145, 151, 154, 156cm
Price: ¥ 48,000

MIRROR boasts a twin-tip between the effective edges, but by adopting a SEMI TWIN shape with only the nose lengthened by about 1 cm, the ride quality remains the same as the twin-tips preferred by freestylers, and it boasts high operability in free-running.Although it is a camber specification, the flex is super soft and it is attractive that it can be used all round.There is no doubt that it will be a big success especially in Gratley.This is because the flex, which is easy to bend and has no habit, enables supple actions and combos.It is said to be a very cost-effective model that can be enjoyed by beginners to intermediate players, but it is also ideal for the second board of gratri mania and jib lovers.

The BOUND logo has a great impact on the sole

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