All hard gear in NITRO x VOLCOM collaboration!

Over the past few seasons, NITRO has released edgy collaboration boards typical of VOLCOM. In fact, there are probably many people who noticed this impressive graphic on the slopes and were intrigued by it.
It has already been decided that NITRO x VOLCOM collaboration gear will be released in the 2024-25 season as well. However, what is different from before is that it comes with a full combo of hard gear: board, binding, and boots. What's more, it will be released with a setup for adults who are a bit naughty and suitable for backcountry freestyle, not for parks.
This collaboration was made possible by VOLCOM rider Seth Hout, who joined the NITRO team last year. Although he is a veteran who was active in the world's top popular movie production such as MACK DAWG PRODUCTIONS in the 2000s, even though he has become a good old man (sorry!) in recent years, he still has a very good mind and continues to boldly leave behind images not only in freeride but also on the street. His youthfulness is attractive. He is also a multi-talented person who is currently active as a filmer who captures snowboarding from a unique perspective unique to a player. Seth says, ``NITRO and VOLCOM are both brands that are handled by passionate people who love snowboarding culture and continue to pursue snowboarding.That's why this collaboration is about people who truly love snowboarding and live to ride them.'' I think it belongs to all the people who live in it." Not only does it have high performance, but we want it to be used by snowboarders who resonate with that mindset. This comment clearly shows that kind of feeling.
Now, let's introduce each gear. First of all, the board is ALTERNATOR, which is used by Jared Elston of "NATURAL SELECTION TOUR" and others. This model was developed to allow for creative riding even in the backcountry, with excellent glide performance on banks and stream terrain, ease of handling in deep fresh powder, and freestyle performance that will satisfy team riders. This is one that can be used all around. The binding is PHANTOM, a high performance model in which NITRO's technology has been generously poured. The boots that go well with these are the SKYLAB TLS, a hybrid boot that continues to be supported by a wide range of people from ski slope cruising to backcountry riding. And all of them are unified by the innovative zebra-based design typical of VOLCOM.
It goes without saying that it is perfect for snowboarders aiming for mountain freestyle, but it is especially suitable for experienced snowboarders who used to do a lot of freestyle but have recently started to shift to freeride. This is the combo I want you to ride to regain your youthfulness and youthfulness.

▷Size: 154, 157, 160, 162 (WIDE) cm
▷Price: 98,000 yen

154cm added to ALTERNATOR
Among NITRO's board run-ups, the ALTERNATOR is positioned in the backcountry freestyle category. The flex and shape were developed through careful testing and will seamlessly adapt to everything from playing on the slopes to playing in the backcountry. 2024cm is newly added from the 25-154 season. This should make it easier to make quick movements that instantly respond to the rider's intentions, even on Japan's ski slopes, which often have tight terrain.

▷Size: M, L
▷Price: 58,000 yen

Collaboration on binding based on PHANTOM
PHANTOM is a high performance model developed to redefine the "ultimate interface." This model attracted attention as it was the first in the snowboarding industry to incorporate the high energy return material found in running shoes into bindings. Anyone who rides the bike should be able to instantly feel its smooth power transmission.

▷Size: 25-32cm
▷Price: 63,000 yen

SKYLAB has met the needs of a wide range of users, from ski slope cruising to backcountry riding. From the 2024-25 season, a double BOA version will also be available in conjunction with the TLS quick race. The fact that even the inner layer has the board design on it is nothing short of amazing!

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