All-around playable vacuum snow board, etc. Fuuma

True sky snow board, etc.
Wind Makoto
▷Size: 150, 152, 155cm
▷Color: white, black
▷Price: ¥56,100 (tax included)

With a hybrid camber (a camber in the center of the board and a little rocker in the nose and tail) structure that is easy for anyone to handle, the “Kazeshin” is a very cost-effective model that can be used by a wide range of people.The camber at the center of the board makes it easy to do solid ollies, and by shortening the effective edge, the resistance to the edge is reduced, realizing a sharp turn.Furthermore, if you set back, you will be able to ride with confidence even on powder days.It is an all-round board that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.Also, notice that there are different flexes for the same length.White is soft, and black is very soft, which is the softest of Shinku Yukiita.One of the nice points is the flex that is easy to handle even for beginners.

The center of the board is a camber, and the nose and tail adopt a hybrid camber structure that incorporates rockers.While having the power of camber, the rocker reduces edge catching and enables stress-free board handling.

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