YONEX's latest boots and bindings, which Ryo Aizawa, who is attracting attention for the first time in the world, also praises

Ryo Aizawa, who is attracting attention for the first time in the world, is also acclaimed
YONEX's latest boots and binding setup


SIZE: 23.0 ~ 28.5cm
PRICE: ¥ 44,000

PRICE: ¥ 44,000

The setup of AEROS BOA and SPINBACK FB is also used by Ryo Aizawa, who has emerged as a world-class rider in SLOPESTYLE and BIGAIR and is attracting attention. AEROS BOA adopts a two-piece structure and is equipped with a new BOA®︎ H3 that uses a resin-based lace called TX4 Lace.The best boots for tricks and powders that always require flexible movement.On the other hand, SPINBACK FB is a model with a more flexible base part while being equipped with SPINE CUSTOMISE SYSTEM that can adjust the flex of the high back according to the scene.With these two setups, you have even more freedom of style expression in the park.Flexible flex also adapts to Gratley.

By adopting TX2 Lace for the two-piece structure and the latest dial BOA H4, it creates a flexible fit that could not be obtained with stainless wire.Double BOA® allows you to adjust the tightening strength to best fit the rider's own tastes
By changing the material and shape of the base plate, the binding fits flexibly to the left and right movements of the foot, making it easier to control the board, especially in the low to medium speed range, and providing a comfortable ride.

YONEX's original system that can be customized to the best flex according to the purpose of riding by changing the hardness of the carbon shaft equipped on the SPINE (backbone) which is the central part of the high back.As an option, you can purchase an optional carbon shaft (¥ 3,000 + tax) and replace it.Hard flex (HALFPIPE / CARVING), mid flex (ALLROUND), soft flex (POWDER / GROUND TRICK).
It is soft in the lateral and twisting directions and has a high degree of freedom in the ankle, and it is easy to operate. It is possible to bring out more flexible operability.

The thin carbon shaft in the center of the high back is SPINE (spine)

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