Ai Kunioka Presents Snowboard camp will be held !! Recruitment of participants !!


[Ai Kunioka Presents Snowboard camp supported by HLNA

 HLNAAi Kunioka, a support rider ofPresentsSnowboard camp will be held!!

 This school is for beginners who can make continuous turns and want to increase the range of play.

Anyone, regardless of gender, wants to attack the powder on the side of the slope, try a simple grand trick, try a jump, etc. ♪ The theme is "Aim for beginners"! !!

Of course, even friends and parents can participateOK

This project was inspired by Ai Kunioka, who returned to the slopes for the first time in two years after giving birth and raising children!

Everyone, please join us ♪

 [Ai Kunioka Profile]


One of Japan's leading girls snowboarders.2009In the yearHead International TeamEnter.Epic photographs squeezed out by repeating shooting while flying around the world borderlessly are featured in each magazine.Now she's heading not just for purely pleasing powder, but for riding in the Big Mountains.While spending about half of the year in the mountains to hone his skills, the other half is surfing and relaxing.

sponsor : HEAD,ROXY,DAKINE, Shin Sapporo Dentistry,HLNA


[Application deadline]2015Years1Month28Sunday (Wednesday)

[Place] Kandatsu Ski Resort

[Number of participants] Capacity10First name

[Fee] ¥11,000(Lift ticket & lunch included)

[Participation conditions]

Those who are beginners who can make continuous turns and want to increase the range of play.

The theme is "Aim for beginners".

[Regarding the rental of snowboard equipment]

We offer free rental of snowboard equipment!

If you would like to rent out boards, boots, bindings and clothing, please be sure to specify the desired items when applying.Of course, you can rent only clothing or boots!

If your application is delayed, your desired size may not be available.Please note.

If you would like to rent it out, please be sure to enter your height and foot size when you apply.


AM8: 30 ~ Reception starts (local meeting)

AM9: 30 ~ Lesson start

AM11: 30 ~ Lunch break

PM13: 00 ~ Lesson start

PM15: 00 ~ Finish

PM15: 30 ~ Local dissolution

 [Application flow]

HLNA HPDownload the entry sheet from and fill it out03-6459-2452FAXplease.

After confirming here, we will contact you, and the reception will be completed at that point.

Click here to download the entry sheet.



For the smooth progress and safety of the school, please follow the instructions of the instructor on the day.

On the dayAM8 : 30Start accepting from9 : 30It will be the start.Please come with plenty of time.

Applications cannot be accepted at the venue on the day of the event.Only those who have applied in advance will participate.

On the day of the event, it will be a local meeting and a local dissolution.

The entry fee will be paid at the reception desk on the day of the event.

In principle, no refund will be given after payment of the entry fee.Please note.

Held in case of cancellation due to bad weather3We will contact you in advance a day in advance.

Please be careful about your physical condition by hydrating well.

Participants are responsible for any injuries at this school.HLNAThen we cannot take responsibility.

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