Advance Marketing Co., Ltd. 30th Anniversary, Snowboard & Skateboard Present Plan

Advanced Marketing, which has introduced many active sports brands such as snowboards and skateboards to Japan since its establishment in 1987, will celebrate its 9th anniversary on September 1.Currently, it is a company that has many popular snowboard brands such as LIB-TECH / GNU / ALLIAN / ROXY / BENTMETAL / BLUEBIRD WAX.
With gratitude from the advanced marketing, heavy users will be presented with LIB TEC / ADVANCE KNIFE, which will be released to commemorate the 30th anniversary.The selection method I'm curious about is to shoot and send the snowboards of LIB TECH that I own.The more boards you have, the more you become a LIB TECH enthusiast and the more likely you are to win.For users who have been riding LIB TECH for a long time, this project is a test of LIB TECH love, not a lottery.
Now, let's take a picture with a collection that is cherished in the warehouse, and it's a chance to get a popular collaboration model.

<Plan 1>
Please take a picture of all the boards you have purchased so far with yourself.A considerable number of winners will be awarded from those with a large number of boards.
Present <Plan 2> At the same time, a skateboard plan will be held !!
Skateboard: H-Street / THANK YOU model (red, natural)
H-Street's epoxy deck (MAGNUSSON), RON ALLEN, MATT HENSLEY and other deck purchasers released in the first few years of their founding have photos taken with the deck or photos taken at the time of wearing the H-Street T-shirt. Please send.
Skateboards will receive this H-Street / THANK YOU model red or natural
Application deadline: 2017/8/31
Address: By Please send to
Requirements: Name, age, address, phone number

* For snowboards, please enter the size 145/148/151/154/157, and for skateboards, please enter the desired color.
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