Introducing “DESIRE RS”, which uses the latest core using Bamboo and specializes in play and spin types_NOVEMBERsnowmaterial

Flexible and highly repulsive
Furthermore, the swing weight has been reduced

“DESIRE” is a high-end model that is compatible with flat scenes and is loved by many grator users. An attractive new model will be introduced to the popular series. It is an ultralight made by combining Bamboo material with an ultra-light FM2 core.FMB"DESIRE RS" is equipped with a core.

The new core is flexible, yet highly repulsive, and has an ultra-light swing weight, successfully powering up the performance of DESIRE. W POWER CARBON RIBBON 50W (the only one used in the DESIRE series), which has excellent repulsion and response, has been added to the nose and tail, further improving elasticity and rotational power.

serve as a baseDESIRE isThis board uses the nose and tail as fulcrums and is very easy to take off and turn. An extra-large arc is placed in the side curve at the foot, providing a strong edge grip that suppresses the board slippage required for preparatory movements and tricks that enable high rotation spin. There is a strong focus on reducing swing weight, such as by cutting the nose and tail by 3mm each. This is a board with a new feel that was made possible by NOVEMBER, which has continued to seriously develop Guratri boards.

I would like people who have been riding DESIRE up until now to aim for higher-level tricks, or those who are looking for a high-response, innovative feel board to ride it.

Full camber structure carefully developed by DESIRE
Adopts an FMB core that incorporates Bamboo material into the ultra-light FM2 core. Bamboo material is incorporated into both edge sides (dark brown). Equipped with APA PLATE TYPE 4 (DUCK PLATE) at the feet
W POWER CARBON RIBBON 50W, which generates the only maximum level of repulsive force in the DESIRE series, is placed on the nose and tail.
Swing weight is reduced by cutting the tips of both the nose and tail by 3mm. Improves handling performance such as spin tricks

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