All-round play full board "TF" _OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS that fully added play elements to excellent carving performance

It has the highest degree of freedom among OGASAKA boards and is suitable for beginners.
Play-type all-round board

SIZE; 143, 146 148, 152, 154, 156
PRICE: ¥ 91,300 (tax included)

The board name TF is an abbreviation for "The Free".Among the many OGASAKA lineups, "ALL ROUND PLAYFUL", which pursues performance for play with 4% and 6% of TURN elements while being based on carving performance, is fully equipped with play-related elements. The most flexible and easy-to-use all-round board.It is also a suitable board for beginners.By adopting a free camber structure, it is easy to slide the board in the lateral direction, and it also supports turns that slide the board at low speed.The free camber makes it easy to control the nose and tail, so it can flexibly handle a wide range of snow surface conditions such as bump slopes, wet snow, and powder because it adapts well to the terrain.
In addition, the trapezoidal tip used in the TF has a lighter swing weight, making the board easier to handle.A board suitable for movements such as ground tricks.This board is recommended for those who want to enjoy all the possibilities of snowboarding, not only for turns, but also for flying, hitting, and glide.

From the model released this season, the tip part of TF has been changed from a round shape to a trapezoidal shape, and it is said that it has gained popularity because it is more stable and easier to handle.
With more supple flex and free camber structure, it is easy to operate at low speeds and has excellent adaptability to all snow surface conditions.
The women's length sole has a pink color scheme. The 143 sizes of 148-3 are for women and the specifications such as reinforcements are slightly different from those for men, pursuing ease of handling for women.

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