Absolutely slippery spring snow WAXING recommendation

Spring is the season when the boards are especially easy to get dirty.There are various stains on the board such as yellow sand, pollen, salt, and soil.As soon as such dirt reaches the sole, the board will not run.Perhaps many readers have had a hard time on the slopes when the board stopped running in the afternoon of the spring season.This time, we will teach you waxing that can keep the board slippery even in such spring snow and explode!Let's enjoy snowboarding in the spring season to the fullest, free from the stress of not running

Special Thanks: Matsumoto Wax
Photo: Kentaro Fuchimoto


Scraping and brushing Remove all dirt!

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most important point in spring waxing.Even though I applied wax, the slip suddenly got worse while I was slipping!Do you have such an experience?The most common reason is that the wax on the sliding surface has not been completely removed.In general, many spring waxes are soft, and if you slide with the wax left on the sliding surface, dirt will easily adhere and the wax will stall as a result.To prevent this, be sure to scrape after hot waxing, and after rough peeling, there is nothing to remove by brushing!Remove the wax cleanly.Remove 8% by scraping and 2% by brushing.Such an image.

* Even if it is peeled off cleanly, it may get dirty and stall during sliding.In such a case, brushing will bring back the slip!It is useful to carry a brush with you for spring skiing, so please give it a try.


* If the dirt is particularly heavy, use kitchen paper and a remover to remove the dirt.If the dirt still remains, apply the remover directly to the board, leave it for about 30 seconds, and then rub it with a nylon brush.Then the board becomes even more beautiful.



Fluoride is the choice for wax

This time, we will use a waxing method that is resistant to dirty shaba snow.Uses TOP1 (high-fluorine-containing wax) of the BLACKLINE series for gliding and TOP4 (graphite and high-fluorine-containing wax that does not easily attract dirt) that is immediately effective even when applied raw.First, apply a thin layer of TOP4.Next, apply TOP1 on top of each other for hot waxing, and mix the two types of wax with an iron to perform hot waxing.After hot waxing, scraping is performed and the wax that cannot be removed is brushed with a nylon brush.Perfect if you apply a horsehair brush to finish!

* In order to fully demonstrate the effect of high fluorine wax, hot waxing is performed without using waxing paper.Even if you don't use waxing paper, iron it in the same way as usual.

TOP1 is a wax with a high fluorine content that covers all wet snow systems from the top season to spring snow.
TOP4 is a portable wax that is resistant to wet and dirty snow in spring and is immediately effective when applied raw.

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Responsive to sudden stalls, coated with portable wax

TOP4 size that fits in your pocket, after applying this wax, soak it firmly with the cork on the back of the box.When you don't have time to do hot wax or when you want to get off the lift and regain the smoothness, the portable type is convenient!

11_M25 12_M26 13_M28

The Matsumoto wax items used this time are from the following

Matsumoto Wax BLACKLINE TOP-1 ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax)

Matsumoto Wax BLACKLINE TOP-4 ¥ 3,600 (excluding tax)

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