A two-week trip! !!

The shooting of VOLKL at nine knights, world rookie and solden has been completed successfully.

It was a trip of about XNUMX weeks for shooting, competition, and shooting.

There were various things, various things.


First, nine knights.


I managed to spend three days safely while being overwhelmed by the kickers that have risen to the extent that I have never flown and the many items that are too huge.

It was a good experience ~


Next is the World Rookie.

A copy of patricksteiner_keitainamura_worldrookietour_014

The result is a qualifying failure.

Impossible.It's embarrassing.What are you doing?

I had thought that, but I also noticed in this depressed situation.

Can you grow as a person?Lol


Zoo before the last shooting of solden! !!

Go to the zoo with the family of VOLKL's team manager.Lol

Copy of P1060624

Copy of P1060612

Copy of P1060607

Copy of P1060667

It was fun to see some animals I had never seen before ~


The next day, I went sightseeing in Innsbruck by bicycle with my team manager! !!

Copy of P1060785

Copy of P1060787

Copy of P1060797

This roof seems to be real gold!

Copy of P1060754

They cook Japanese food for lunch and dinner, and ask for sushi ...

He did a lot, I'm sorry, lol


Thank you very much for your help.

I thought it was cherished!

I have to do my best!Isn't it?

Spend two days at the family's house ~


To the last VOLKL shooting


I was only able to shoot for two days, but I managed to keep the video!

With kicker and hips.

The last day was shabby ... lol

I hurt my ankles, made a painful wound on my chin, and I wasn't feeling well because of a cold ... lol

But it's over! !! !! !!


This season is almost over!

There are many things I want to do in the off-season and I have to do it! !!

Fun ~ ♫

For the time being, it seems like a short break.Lol