A snow-packed car running on the grass? !!The sightseeing gondola service has started.

Skiing and snowboarding ended yesterday, and the "sightseeing gondola" started operating today.
Climbing to Mt. Nishi-Azuma, one of the XNUMX famous mountains in Japan, and the cherry blossoms in full bloom!Snow play last chance!There are lots of things to see and do.Looking down from the sightseeing gondola, "Ah? A snow-packed car is running on the grass ..." The winter role has ended, and we are now in the pit for maintenance!
Tomorrow, May 5rd (Tuesday), we will hold "Chibikko Gather! Deco Treasure Search!" With the [Sunny] forecast and the gondola mountaintop all day long.At the top of the gondola, numbered tickets will be distributed from 3:1.Please join us.
[GW event information]
● May 5rd (Tuesday) and 3th (Wednesday) "Chibikko gathered at the top of the gondola! Deco treasure hunt"
● May 5th (Sun) First held "Thank you for this season! Slope cleanup strategy"
● May 5th (Sun) FAINAL Janken Tournament


Until May 5 8