A limited edition reproduction of a nostalgic design that goes back to the history of snowboarding. Introducing the Retro Snowboard Collection from Burton

There is a board design that has had a big impact on the snowboard scene with the legendary rider who is indispensable to talk about the brand called Burton.For those who have been involved in snowboarding for many years, this collection is very nostalgic, and it must be a shock that will bring back their snowboarding life at the time.
Such an attractive "retro snowboard collection" comes up from Burton.ExactlyFour snowboards that built the rider-driven era are reprinted for a limited time.This time, in addition to the board, a sweatshirt linked to the board design will also be released.Available at Burton Flagship Stores in Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagano, and Osaka, Burton Store Rusutsu, and Burton.com.
What are those four? ? ?
1987 Elite
1995 Kelly Air
1996 Dolphin
2011 Nugs
The story of each board is introduced here.

1987 Elite
'Elite' was released in the 1977 season, ten years after Jake Burton Carpenter started Burton in 10.The revival "Elite" uses the latest wood core that makes the most of his outline, and the flex is softer and easier to handle than at that time. It looks like"Elite" which realized more free operability will lead to a new world of snowboarding again.
▶︎Size: 140, 150
▶︎ ¥79,200 (tax included)

With a modern wood core, the flex is softer and easier to handle than it was then.

1995 Kelly Air
Craig Kelly, who continued to lead the contest scene, chose the untouched natural snowy mountains, that is, the backcountry, as a place for self-expression in photography and movies.A freeride board designed to pursue riding in that field is the "Kelly Air" released in the 1995 season.This reissue uses the same lightened nose and tail for agile turning performance.
▶︎Size: 148, 158, 168
▶︎ ¥94,600 (tax included)

Kelly Air, which became very popular as a classic freeriding board model.

1996 Dolphin
The women's board "Feelgood" has been released by Burton for over 20 years.The starting point for this is the Dolphin, which was released in the 1996 season. A pioneer of all-mountain boards designed 100% exclusively for women, Burton's women's boards that have appeared since then will continue to support the success of many female riders.
▶ ︎Size: 144, 148, 152
▶︎ ¥88,000 (tax included)

The women's board that inspired Feelgood Dolphin

2011 Nugs
"Nug" is a pioneer of short fat boards.We've optimized everything from waist width, flex, sidecut, and running length to make the shorter length cooler.The biggest feature is that you can ride with a length that is 8 to 10 cm shorter than usual, and it will greatly change the way you look at the length of the board.
▶︎Size: 138, 142, 146
▶︎ ¥ 75,900 (tax included) 

Pioneering model of short fat board Nug

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