NEW MODEL of the popular surf skate “YOW” is now on sale. A test ride event will also be held at AXIS SKATE PARK on Saturday, June 6th!!

From Spain, very popular among snowboarders
Street surf skate brand “YOW”

YOW stands for Your Own Wave, and was created with the theme of creating your own waves, as an alternative to surfing on flat days when there are no waves, and as a tool for surfers who can't go to the beach to surf on land. .
As long as there is a way to surf anywhere in the world, it doesn't matter whether you are close to the ocean or far away, or whether the waves are good. All you need is good ground.
The trucks used in YOW create a uniquely developed patented system that provides the most comfortable feeling of surfing on land, allowing you to surf with just a pump or a turn.

When you ride YOW, the concrete barn turns into the ocean, allowing you to carve and cut back just like surfing.

Find waves, wherever you are.
Find waves wherever you are and enjoy the exciting feeling of riding!!

The new lineup includes three surfskates and eight cruisers. This time I will introduce three types of surfskates.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina on the east coast of the United States is dominated by two giant ocean currents: the Labrador Current flowing from the north and the Mexico Current flowing from the south.From surfers around the world who experience swells from multiple directions.OBXA unique coastline called
The board has an egg-shaped high performance shape with a double kick,
Highly concave, wide from nose to tail, this model combines stable ride comfort and agile turning performance.

YAB-J 32.5″
Hainan Island, which lies to the east of Vietnam, is called the Hawaii of China, and the water temperature is warm, and most of the spots are beach breaks and the wave quality is mellow.This point suddenly became the center of attention as the International Surfing Association and the World Professional Surfing Federation held surf events one after another.
This model has width and volume compared to its length, and the set front truck stands out for its stability and ease of movement of the tail.

"SAN ONOFRE" is a surf spot on the northern tip of San Diego that is famous for its loose breaks that are perfect for longboarders.
This board is inspired by mid-length surfboards in shape, design, and ride quality.
With a long wheel base and wide deep concave, if you take a stance with your feet near the center of the board, you'll feel like you're surfing mid-length.With a wide stance, you can enjoy the feeling of riding a short board.


Date and time:2024Years6Month8(Sat)9:00~13:00
Venue:AXIS SKATE PARK @axis.boardshop
Contents:Test Ride, Lesson, Mini Contest & Free Session
Participation method: Free participation (please pay facility usage fee at the park) No advance entry required

Finally2024A new model will be released in Japan in 2019.
Therefore, in Ibaraki Prefecture, the home of Advanced Marketing, which was held last year as well,
AXIS SKATE PARKWe are holding an event that also serves as a test ride!

AXIS The2020In recent years, the company has been involved in the construction of skate parks, including the Tokyo Olympic venues in 2018 and various parks of various sizes across the country.
is the central figureMBM PARK BUILDERSIt was the first park created by , and has a layout that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to experts.
of course,YOWBut you can enjoy the best line and flow, so let's all enjoy it on the day!

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