NEW model "HENDRIX" equipped with low center of gravity and new functions inheriting Bern's DNA

COLOR: MATTE BLACK (4 colors in total)
SIZE: US FIT (with adjuster, SL)
PRICE: ¥ 23,100

The helmet brand bern, which was born in the suburbs of Boston, USA in 2004, releases products that are not only safe but also excellent in design and fitting.In addition to helmets for snowboarding, bern also has a lineup of helmets for bicycles, BMX, and even skateboards.

And for the 22/23 season, a new model will finally appear from the Bern snowboard helmet line.It is a new model HENDRIX that incorporates plenty of new functions and a low center of gravity that reduces neck fatigue. It has a visor shape that protects the field of view from the sun and snow, which is a trademark of bern from the early days, and prevents snow from accumulating on the top of the goggles.It is divided into 4 grades according to the difference in specifications.Each item has earmuffs to match the user's style, and some can be worn with a helmet even when wearing a beanie.There are other detailed specifications such as goggle clips, and the total weight of the helmet varies depending on the grade, so I would like you to find a helmet that perfectly suits your taste and play style.

HENDRIX hasThe height of the potential cannot be fully understood just by looking at it from the outside.A wavy molded internal structure called RIBBED EPS liner is used in the invisible part of the helmet.It has succeeded in surprisingly light weight while maintaining strength and support.In addition, 14 air passages are designed to improve the flow of air inside the helmet, which tends to get stuffy.As a result, more air can be taken in efficiently, and hot air can be discharged smoothly, making the inside of the helmet much cooler.In addition, the inner pad inside the helmet that actually touches the head is movable, and the ventilation can be opened and closed.You can close it when it's cold and open the ventilation when you want to let the hot air out.

Among the four grades, the highest rank HENDRIX WINTER introduced here is equipped with MIPS. MIPS is an abbreviation for Multi-Directional Impact System (multi-directional impact protection system), and the inner liner and outer shell that contact the head are designed to rotate independently.It is an epoch-making system that mitigates the impact from the outside.To put it simply, it is close to the image of parrying the impact from the outside.It is also equipped with the aforementioned RIBBED EPS liner, premium liner, and goggle clip.

In addition, HENDRIX CARBON, a higher model of HENDRIX, is packed with all of bern's helmet development for 18 years.Adopts premium carbon technology that uses lightweight and strong carbon for the shell.Outstanding strength and amazing lightness make it a masterpiece as bern's new flagship model.


The liner inside the helmet, which is the key to protecting the head, is molded into a wavy shape.We succeeded in realizing weight reduction while maintaining the strength of the helmet.


In order to efficiently and quickly release the hot air inside the helmet, which tends to get stuffy, the air passages have been greatly increased to keep your head cool at all times.
The inner pad that touches the head is movable, so the ventilation can be opened and closed.Suitable for both cold and hot days
It is designed so that the air taken in from the front of the helmet flows between the shell and the head.Keeps you comfortable inside


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