A new era of camber board "COUGAR" equipped with recurve triple camber appeared!_NEVER SUMMER

with excellent carving performance
Mid-flex directional all-mountain board

Size: 156, 160, 157X, 161X, 165X
Price: ¥ 121,000

Among the NEVER SUMMER lineup, the new "COUGAR" is the successor board to the HAMMER, which was highly evaluated as an all-mountain board, specializing in carving performance that adopted the only standard camber. Introduced a new triple camber concept while taking over the shape of HAMMAR.Even though it is a triple camber, we have newly adopted a special arch that looks like three camber sections are set in one large camber arch. Improved carving stability.We successfully combined the merits of the triple camber that flexibly responds to complexly changing slopes, and also succeeded in greatly updating its performance.
In particular, it is a board that is attracting attention because of its ability to get out of turns and flotation in powder, which is a plus that could not be achieved with a traditional camber.

The feature of the Recurve Triple Camber is that there is basically a large center arch with three camber sections within it.

Ample kick and nose area provides stable buoyancy even in powder

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