A music gift from Tomohiro Higashida that will be released in the world of Stay home. "If you get used to the wind -Stay home, blues-"

Higashida Tomohiro continues his journey to surf, snowboard, and live a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature, and deliver songs to places where there are people with the same mindset.
Now at Stay home, one original song is being delivered as a gift from him.
Please listen to it with encouraging poems.


"If you get used to the wind -Stay home, blues-"

Somehow I came here
I can't do it in this world
Oh My Brother

I don't want to be wrapped in something long
If I noticed, I wonder if I was able to do freelance well
Free life

At that time I was able to fly by leaving it to the wind
I can't stay like this
While holding down living expenses 
I'm trying to get along

Where should i go where can i go
I miss the sea, in that soft wave
I want to be embraced I want to embrace

I know I'm going to look forward
I want to stay still behind the window
There is only sky

I wonder if I can meet you if I get used to the wind
I won't lock down to my heart
You're in a dream saying I love you
It doesn't end as it is
Laugh as usual 
Let's manage to get along
Let's do it

If you get used to the wind

Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Keyboards, Drums / Tomohiro Higashida
Bass, Engineered, Mix, Mastering / Daisuke Tokikawa
Electric guitar / Masayuki Handa

Produced by Tomohiro Higashida (Slow jam records)

Director: Daisuke Tokikawa (Slow jam records)

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