NEKOMA MOUNTAIN FEST, a snow festival that can be enjoyed by both skiers and non-sliders, will be held from February 2th to 17th!

~ A large collection of content that is ``fun to slide, fun to play, and fun to watch,'' such as live music, fireworks on snow, and snowboarding experience sessions ~

From the 2023-24 season, the ski resorts "Alts Bandai" and "Nekoma Ski Resort" operated by Hoshino Resorts in Fukushima Prefecture will be connected by a connected lift and will be reborn as "Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain", a ski resort with a magnificent field that stretches north and south. Ta.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again spend time at a special place called a ski resort.Because we want you to enjoy itThe snow festival "NEKOMA MOUNTAIN FEST" will be held for two days from February 2024th to 2th, 17.

At this event, the entire slope will be used for various events such as live music, fireworks on the snow, and a kids' snowboarding experience. The Asian Snowboarding Cup will also be held at the same time, so you can watch top athletes compete.

It's sure to be a two-day festival that everyone can enjoy: ``It's fun to skate, it's fun to play, and it's fun to watch.''

Feature 1: “Fun content to ski” such as kids snowboard experience sessions and test ride events

With the hope that local children, who will help to enliven the future snow scene, can enjoy the connected slopes, all lift tickets for children under junior high school age in Fukushima Prefecture will be free of charge during the event. In conjunction with this, we will be holding a kids snowboarding experience session for those who are trying snowboarding for the first time. Support your ski slope debut!

We also hold a ``Slide Party'' where you can ski the slopes together with professional snowboarders, demo skiers, and others. Along with expanding your circle of participants, you will be able to discover new ways to enjoy Nekoma Mountain by skiing with professionals. In addition, there will be one of the largest test ride events in Tohoku where the latest gear from snowboard and ski brands will be gathered, as well as on-site purchases of used skis and snowboards.

<Tohoku area's largest and latest ski and snowboard test ride event>
More than 50 brands are gathered together in one place. There is also plenty of free content such as trying on and trying out accessories such as goggles, helmets, and wax.

[Date] February 2024th (Sat) and 2th (Sun), 17
[Venue] South area, in front of the resort center
[Participation method and participation fee]
① Official website pre-registration 1,000 yen/day (mid-January to February 1)
②Same-day venue registration 1,500 yen/1 day (2/17-18)
*Some free content available
*If registering at the venue on the day, please be sure to bring an identification document (with photo)
*Please note that if there are a large number of registrants, the application may be terminated midway through.

[Holding time] 10:00-15:00
Last rental 14:30
Last return 15:00

Feature 2 “Fun content to play” such as stamp rallies and bonfires on the snow

We hold various events in the base area with the hope that not only people who ski but also people who don't ski can experience the fun of playing on the snow. There will be a stamp rally using the entire slope, a bonfire party on the snow held by outdoor shops, and more. There are also food stalls mainly from Fukushima prefecture and neighboring prefectures, so you can enjoy local gourmet food. In addition, there will also be a large raffle where you can win luxury prizes such as snow gear and hotel tickets to Hoshino Resorts.

Image of the big lottery
Image of the big lottery


Feature 3: ``Fun content to watch'' such as live music, fireworks on snow, and international snowboarding competitions

During the event, live music will be held on the snow and at a special live venue set up inside the facility. Enjoy performances by gorgeous HIPHOP and jazz artists. In addition, a fireworks display will be held at night, and the fireworks will fill the night sky over the pure white ski slopes.

Additionally, the Asian Snowboarding Cup will be held simultaneously during the event, with the men's and women's finals taking place on the 17th. The tournament will be open to the public, so event participants will also be able to watch the top athletes compete.

<Music live>

Live music will be held at two special venues: outdoor and indoor! Let's all have fun!

[Date] Saturday, February 2024, 2
[Venue] South area
【Admission charge】 Free

Outdoor live @Slope in front of Minami Resort Center
<LIVE> Lubu Karma, DJ Yukinari

Robu Karma Representative of Nagoya Tenpaku JET CITY PEOPLE. Professional rapper and gravure digger
DJ Yukinari is a former snowboard rider and current DJ. He is active in a wide range of extreme sports fields, including producing the official song for the Professional Snowboard Association (PSA) and producing songs with snowboard teams such as HYWOD, STOMP, and FIRST CHILDREN.

Night party @ Minami Resort Center WEST2F Bandai Shokudo
DJ/HISUI (Bandai Shokudo)
DJ/Jazzy Sport Crew (Bandai Shokudo)
<19:30> <LIVE> GAGLE (Bandai Shokudo)
<22:00> Venue CLOSE
・Please note: All shuttle buses are no longer operating, so please prepare your own transportation for your return trip.

Formed in 1996. A hip-hop unit based in Miyagi and Sendai, consisting of DJ Mitsu the Beats, HUNGER, and DJ Mu-R. Debuted in 2001 with "BUST THE FACTS". They created the songs ``Yuki no Kakumei'' and ``Kai wo Yokoe,'' and steadily gained fans with their uncompromising musicality and outstanding live performances that are linked to the times. He has actively collaborated not only with domestic artists but also with overseas artists. After performing at numerous live events and music festivals, they released their 2018 album "Vanta Black". They successfully completed a national tour that spanned 35 locations. “I feel, I will” is a song that describes the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and “Krossfader” is a crossfade of the soul after the coronavirus pandemic. In 2023, they will release a collaborative single with Sendai Mitsukoshi called "Chiyo", which has the theme of local love and pride. In November, the new song "HIROVA" was released.


・Jazzy Sport
Based on the concept of "fusion of real music and sports," we are a creative group that operates as a label and production company, with track makers, vocalists, MCs, designers, dancers, etc. based in record shops in Morioka and Tokyo.

Date: February 2024th-2th, 17
Price: Free admission

Event details: Live music/ski/snowboard test ride/kids snowboard experience/fireworks on snow/campfire/food stall/stamp rally/lottery, etc.
Timetable: Announced on the official website at a later date.
*Contents may change depending on the weather on the day.
*Some paid content is included.
*Those who ride the lift and ski must have a valid lift ticket on the day (free for preschoolers and children under junior high school age living in Fukushima Prefecture.

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From Thursday, February 2024th to Saturday, February 2th, 15, “NEKOMA MOUNTAIN BIGAIR by Hoshino Resorts”, an international FIS snowboarding tournament (Asia Cup), will be held simultaneously. This tournament is one of three tournaments held in Asia, and the overall winner of the Asia Cup will be given the right to participate in the following year's World Cup. In addition to the Japanese national team players, top-level players from Japan and abroad are scheduled to participate. The men's and women's finals are also scheduled to be held on February 17th. The tournament will be open to the public, so visitors to "NEKOMA MOUNTAIN FEST" will also be able to watch the top athletes compete.

Dates 2024/2/15 Public practice
2024/2/16 Men's and Women's Preliminaries
2024/2/17 Men's and women's finals
Details Please wait for information to apply and details.
The entry is
Place Global Park


Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain
Located at the foot of Mt. Bandai, this ski resort is one of the largest in Japan and stretches north and south of Mt. Nekomagatake. Mt. Bandai and Lake InawashiroThe ski slopes offer spectacular views of snow and hoarfrost, and offer a variety of course layouts for everyone from beginners to advanced skiers. You can enjoy the long season from early December to Golden Week.

6838-68 Kiyohiro, Sarashina, Bandai-cho, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture (South Gate)
Phone: 0242-74-5000
Business period: December 2023, 12 - May 1, 2024
Number of lifts/courses: 13/33 courses
Lift fee: 1-day ticket adults 5,500 yen, junior high and high school students 3,900 yen, elementary school students 2,500 yen (tax included)
Access: Approximately 10 km and 15 minutes from Bandai Kawahigashi IC on the Ban-etsu Expressway via Tohoku Expressway Koriyama JCT (south gate)