Co-starring young riders who live in the world of streets! DIRTY PIMP latest work "BRAIN STORM"

DIRTY PIMP's 12th latest movie "BRAIN STORM" starts with Ryoki Ogawa's part, which is fascinated by aggressive urban snowboarding with a light board judgment as a weapon, and extends to fashion and lifestyle as well as tricks to unfold. Continue to the part of Masato Toda who is fully open to the style.

From there, in addition to 34 and Shouma Takao, who have been active as the main riders of DIRTY PIMP for many years, young riders with momentum such as Conrad Yamamoto, Satoshi Yoneno, Kaito Onozaki, Kairin Onozaki, and Nii Takamori. Appeared one after another and rampaged at street spots in Japan.

Young riders who seriously face the section in front of them in order to express the simple coolness of snowboarding in the world of streets far from contests like the Olympics.Don't miss the 24-minute full movie left by the overflowing imagination, exceptional gliding power, and fearless spiritual power.