9/8 (Sat) THE DAY JAPAN Screening Event 2018

September 2018, 9 (Sat) at Omotesando WALL & WALL

THE DAY JAPAN Screening Event 2018

It was decided to hold it! !! !! !! !! !!

It's been less than two years since the 2016 screening event! !!

Time has passed and you're ready to go!

The best XNUMX worksI will challenge 9/8 (Sat) by pulling! !! !!


I think there are many people who know it.

A battle-type snowboard movie in which professional snowboarders fight beyond the boundaries of production! !!

Many characters were born in this video.


This year is finally the latest work"THE BATTLE GAMES 2018"Will be released! !!

A strong character that greatly exceeds the previous work will appear.

Please take a look!

(Characters appearing at the venue may participate in the war !?)



2016 is a problematic work of the pros and cons of the snowboard industry

Story type snowboard movie"SPONSOR YOU"

Neither part movie nor documentary

A story-type snowboard movie that combines fiction and realism! !!

We made a work in which the script, director, shooting, editing, and appearance were all done by Shinpei Asaga and Kenichirou Yanagita! !!

And this year 2018!

The latest story-type snowboard movie! !!


We have recorded two seasons of riding footage and are producing the second story-type snowboard movie of THE DAY JAPAN! !!

It will be a work with a strong sense of tension and message that you can't take your eyes off for a second.

More than2 workThe9/8 (Sat) ScreeningI will publish it at! !!

Is it the first time in the industry to release two works at the same time in the same production?I think.

I will be busy with production and preparation until the day, but I will be working on the best work with soul, so please be sure to come if you see this blog! !!

Thank you.

Saturday, September 2018, 9 @WALL & WALL Omotesando

OPEN17: 30 START18: 00 CLOSE21: 00

Same-day ticket 2000 yen

Advance ticket 2000 yen (with luxury prize lottery ticket)

Click here to purchase advance tickets.


FACEBOOK event page



And it will be the venue for this screening event


WALL & WALL in Omotesando is the best venue 200 seconds on foot from Omotesando Station, which has a large 30-inch screen and the highest quality sound system permanently installed, and realizes a stylish designer space in a room color based on white.

We decided to hold an event here because we thought it would be the best for this screening.

I'm looking forward to Saturday, September 9th!

We will prepare ourselves for the best day for everyone at the venue!

See you on the day ~~! !! !! !!