It's hot every day ~ It's skiing.This is an announcement of a new slope post.The ski resort that was released last week on the Gelecom site


Located in Gujo, a popular area of ​​Fu"Dynaland"I went to the slopes.

It was the local of this land and RIDER “ShinjiroHayashi” who participated this time.

After snowfall, first try to slide down the non-compacted snow area"Challenge B course"Aimed at.

Fresh snow piled up firmly

Wake up at once with a solid pile of dry powder!

Entering the course
The front is Kaminaka A course

Continued on the wall"Kamichu A course"Join at the bottom

The bottom is the lower part of the Kaminaka A course
Goofy wall continues in the first half of the bottom

"Challenge C Course"What.PieceThe slope regular bank follows.

Entering the course
Enjoy a regular bank on one slope
“Skyline A Course”“Skyline B course”Slip
A became non-compacted snow from the middle.

The skyline is a wide course up to the branch.

Non-compacted snow skyline A

B is a steep slope with compressed snow from the middle.If you don't slip early, the surface will be rough.

Skyline B

after that"Β-α mountaintop contact course"Through to another field.

"Umanose Tree Course"I went to.You need to take off the binding once and hike up here.I slipped on a ridge and slid on a slope with large terrain.

Access from Paradise A course
The front is the bike up zone
"Paradise A course"
There are many courses and walls where you can play the terrain.
Paradise A course swamp terrain
Regular wall in the place where the half pipe used to be

“Downhill course”Is a course where you can slide on a sloped surface at high speed.There is also a non-compacted snow zone.

The downhill course is a long course with a slippery feel

"Dynaland"In addition to this, there are many tree run zones, and the snow quality is outstanding only on the plateau.There are many types of courses, and there are only ski resorts in popular areas, so I was able to ski without getting tired."Dynaland"If you have a chance, please come.



The slope site introduces many ski resorts with videos.Please come to play ~

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