I want many people to know my slip / Hayata Akakawa

April has begun, and the 4-19 season is at the end.What kind of season was this season for riders? Interview with head rider Hayata Akakawa.I had them look back on the season.

— What kind of season was this season?
Akakawa: I had less powder days due to less snow, but I had more time to play with carving and gratri.I think it was a season where I could enjoy various ways.

— What kind of schedule do you have on the day you go skiing?
Akakawa: From the morning, slide the carving burn, slide the park, and if you shab, it's gratri! Enjoy all day long.

—What is the most memorable thing this season?
Akakawa: Hokkaido.I will never forget the powder at Kiroro Ski Resort!There weren't many days when I could slip on the powder this year, and it was nice to see the powder rising faster in Hokkaido than in Honshu.

— What kind of activities are you doing these days?
Akakawa: I'm shooting a promotional video for head and at Pecan Factory.For the rest of the season, I would like to go to places with snow such as Hokkaido and Tohoku and work until the end of the season.

— By the way, what board are you using now?
Akakawa : ARCHITECTANYTHING LYTis. ARCHITECT is used when riding at high speed.Although it is stable, it has good operability, so you can use it for jumping with confidence. ANYTHING LYT has excellent operability and a very light swing weight.Since the flex is soft, I use it on the day when I say "I'll play today!".

— What kind of snowboarding do you want to do in the future?
Akakawa: I want a lot of people to see and know my slip.And I'm looking forward to sliding with the fans at events.


[Gear used]
■ Binding / [HEAD]NX SIX












Junta Akagawa / Born January 1989, 1 in Akita Prefecture.
■ Height / 169cm ■ Stance / 53cm ■ Angle / Front 15 degrees, Back -6 degrees
■ Home Mountain / Tazawako Ski Resort, Geto Kogen Ski Resort ■ Favorite Riding Style / Jump, Powder, Carving