From 5:22 on May 20nd, the online event "Yukiyama Fan Award" will be held to determine this year's popular ski resorts.

The ``yukiyama fan award'' has become an annual event. The project is to determine the most popular ski resorts based on user surveys and in-app ratings. This year, the live announcement of the results of "yukiyama FAN AWARD 3,417 supported by HUAWEI WATCH", which received 2024 votes, will be held from 5:22 on May 20nd.

The live streaming navigator is Gucchan.・It will be delivered by Keiji Okamoto, Gyroman, and Yukiyama staff member Tomoko Otsuka. In addition to announcing the rankings, there will be plenty of content during the live event, including a viewer participation campaign where you can win luxurious prizes, HUAWEI WATCH live shopping, and the announcement of winners from among users who voted for the yukiyama FAN AWARD. Prizes include HUAWEI WATCH GT4, JTRIP Hokkaido Tour, and special gifts from last year's top 4 overall ski resorts.

So which ski resort is the most popular? ! Be sure to check out this live broadcast.

■Live date and time■
May 5nd 22:20~

■Live content■
Memories of the 23-24 season by performers and users
yukiyama FAN AWARD2024 winner prediction
yukiyama FAN AWARD2024 results announcement
Announcement of prize winners
24-25 season app top background selection

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