3/28 (SAT) PIPE LINE Time Race

It's spring! It's PIPE!It's a costume competition!
There is a gift for those who entered in disguise ♪

Innumerable poles were erected on the wall inside the pipe to dig a groove,
PIPE LINE that slides down while slaloming there
It's a completely different way to play a normal halfpipe!

"PIPE LINE Time Race" will be held on 3/28 (Sun)!
Two runs per person, the first is a time race,
The second rule is that the person who is closer to your declaration time wins.
Even those who are not confident in slipping can feel free to participate and enjoy themselves.

Of course, luxury products are available ☆ ★
Also, since it is a costume event, everyone who wears clothes will have a free gift!

Click here for details and entry

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