3/12 (Sat) Maiko Snow Fireworks Festival!

Large fireworks and customer participation type torch gliding!Nice behavior service ♪

Maiko Snow Fireworks Festival will be held on Saturday, March 3th!
Do the fireworks that launch in the cold and clear night sky look more beautiful than in summer? !!

The large fireworks that launch in front of you are a masterpiece!
We will serve warm pork soup and hot cocoa on the day ♪

Let's slide a lot of night games and enjoy the powerful fireworks (^ O ^)
There is also a torch run with the participation of visitors!
Please feel free to join us ♪
We look forward to seeing you there!

・ Tonjiru 19: 00 ~ (first 250 meals)
・ Hot cocoa 19: 00 ~ (first 250 meals)
[Local sake tasting sale] 19: 00 ~
[Timers gliding] 20: 05 ~
[Fireworks launch] 20: 20 ~

For details, hereCheck from! !!

Fireworks numbering Guidance POP

The ultimate short access of 1 minute from the IC is convenient! 26 diverse courses and extensive facilities are popular!The snow park in the Maiko area has been renewed OPEN !!! MAIKO SNOW PARK “GARDEN”   Official Web