Three-layer fiberglass prevents power loss and enables sharp turns

COSMIC SURF, a board brand for female snowboarders.The lineup with girl-like colors and graphic design is not only cute but also firmly equipped with reliable technology.We will approach COSMIC SURF's latest technology "Megawave Dual Concept Core" to find out what the technology is and how it works for riding.

"CHRISTA" is the only model in the lineup of this term that is equipped with the "Megawave Dual Concept Core".High-end model for female riders who want to enjoy various riding regardless of the scene


Prevents power loss and efficiently converts power into propulsion
“Dual Concept Core (DCC)”

The Dual Concept Core, which is made by combining the WOOD core and the Megawave core, is a new type of core material with a structure that releases the force stored in the board as a propulsive force when the load is applied during the turn.This core material is arranged so as to connect the bindings of both front and rear feet, and the force of stepping on with both feet is directly transmitted to the edge, so the snow surface can be accurately captured.In addition, it prevents power loss due to twisting of the front and rear legs that occurs in various scenes, and supports the rider in various scenes such as smooth switching, air landing, and jib tricks.

So why do we get these effects?
The secret was in Megawave.

What is “Megawave”?

A core material incorporating glass fiber in a WAVE shape (three-dimensional structure of corrugation).With its unique technology, it has three features that support riding.

Structural diagram of Megawave.Two wavy glass fibers built into the board

-------- Three features --------

XNUMX. XNUMX.High vibration absorption
The three layers of glass fibers that are intertwined affect each other and quickly disperse the vibration throughout the structure, making it difficult for the board to flutter.In the vibration absorption test, the vibration absorption rate was reduced by 3% compared to normal.

The wavy line in the center (red area) shows Megawave, and the gray area shows the vibration absorption rate of the normal model. It can be seen that Megawave absorbs vibration faster and is smaller.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Reliable edge hold
The three layers of glass fiber have a structure that attracts each other when a force is applied.This attractive force causes a gentle and tense twist (torsion) in the entire plate.Since the area in contact with the snow surface is larger than twisting at the point, the edge can surely catch the snow surface.Since you don't have to step on it with excessive force, you can achieve a sharp turn without straining your knees.

Above) Torsion with Megawave installed.The ground contact area is increased by gently twisting the entire plate.Bottom) Normal torsion.The ground contact area is narrow due to the twist at the point.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Explosive propulsion
When the board is stepped on, it bends, and the force that the deflection tries to restore turns into propulsion. Since the corrugated structure of Megawave efficiently transmits and releases the energy that becomes the propulsive force in the traveling direction of the plate, the plate can be run more with the same stepping force.

Above) Internal energy is generated when "deflection" tries to return to its original state. Bottom) The generated energy is transmitted by the corrugated structure in the direction of travel.

These three features make the board run forward with the same force as before, enabling a sense of stability at high speeds.And if you can use stronger power than before, you should be able to take the next level of riding one step further.

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