241 years after contracting with 10 Clothing

From around the year before last, I was looking for a rider who is doing activities that match the development of 241 Clothing, a rider who is hot in the core because it is 241 Family gradually.For the time being, only those who know it will know, so let's invite riders who have a connection to meet and gather together with those who have the same heart and do something good. Let's pursue 241 and snowboarding with the support of 241 Clothing.It became the state.

Therefore, in order to get to know the world view of 241 Clothing and expand the circle, 241 offices planned a 241 Camp, which was held at Sugadaira Highlands, which is the base of New Rider Satoshi Saito.

Sugadaira, which often marks the lowest temperature in Honshu

It feels cool and cold every time I go all year round.


It's snowing at night ...

Nagano city is sunny.

The mountain is pure white


Burn the bonfire hard!

Fire is good!

fighting farmers with Zehi live

I dj

Two external HDDs are broken and all gopro clips are gone. ..It seems that half can be collected, but it will be newly added to SSD

Vinyl set in the cold

I also DJ occasionally. It's not like DJing, but I was so addicted to the sound that I started DJing too much, about XNUMX years ago.I've expanded my hobbies a lot, but all of them are indispensable fun
A story that can't be talked about around a bonfire and a story of the future

I thought that the point of doing an event was to spend time together face to face.

It seems to be connected all the time, but after all I have to meet and feel

I couldn't call so many people, but it felt good, so I wanted to continue next year and beyond.

We would like to thank Satoshi and Takashi Ito's family for their cooperation.



I'm a deer

Does a deer cry like this?It was that guy.