241-FORCASTER JKT & PNT to keep you comfortable in any weather

Size: S ~ XL
Color: AR (JKT), CG (PNT)
Price: ¥ 45,000 excluding tax (JKT), ¥ 36,000 excluding tax (PNT)

You need eyes to see the weather to get good snow. This jacket, named "Weather Forecaster", uses two layers of GORE-TEX and uses HEAT MAX for the liner to ensure heat retention that is well-balanced with motility.By adopting a special pattern from the neck to the shoulder area, the weight of the wear is dispersed and a light wearing feeling is realized.It's the perfect setup when you want to enjoy dry powder all day long with a lift or gondola.

The secret of light comfort
The liner system, which is also part of the weight distribution structure acquired by the utility model, has a special design that makes it very light to wear and makes it hard to get tired even if you wear it all day long.

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