241-EXPLORER JKT & PNT active in all seasons

Size: S ~ XL
Color: TW (JKT), OT (PNT)
Price: ¥ 45,000 excluding tax (JKT), ¥ 30,000 excluding tax (PNT)

A 3 in 1 jacket with a water resistant and breathable outer and a padded inner, and a set up of pants featuring large cargo pockets.Primaloft® Black Insulation Eco, which has excellent heat retention and is resistant to getting wet, is used for the batting of the inner jacket and the knees and buttocks of the pants.The outer and inner jackets can be worn in combination or individually, allowing you to wear 3 patterns to suit the weather.

Inner jacket that can be used with pins
The inner jacket using Primaloft® Black Insulation Eco is a Suguremono that can be used alone.

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241 FORCASTER JKT & PNT to keep comfort in any weather

241-SURVIVOR JKT generously expressing Mike Basic's creativity