Arai Snow Resort promises the highest level of satisfaction

``Just being able to ski isn't enough. If I'm going to spend my precious time and money skiing, I want to choose a resort that offers a higher level of satisfaction.'' In response to the earnest wishes of these snowboarders, we are able to provide an experience that exceeds expectations. Arai Snow Resort.The best powder, a variety of slopes and terrain that you'll never get tired of, and high-grade facilities.
Among the many ski resorts in Japan, Arai can be said to be a special mountain resort for us.
Arai will give you the highest level of satisfaction this season as well.


World class mountain resort

Mt. Okenashi in the Myoko area of ​​Niigata Prefecture is said to have abundant snowfall.Arai Snow Resort records up to 4 to 5 meters of snow during the peak season, and takes advantage of its natural topography to entertain us to the fullest.Although it has one of the best natural environments in Japan, it is only 10 minutes away from the Arai Smart IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway.It goes without saying that the convenient access to Joetsu-Myoko Station, which takes about 30 minutes by shuttle bus from Joetsu-Myoko Station, is an absolute attraction for many winter sports fans.While getting excited about the extensive facilities in the base area, if you take the gondola up to the upper area called Zentana Station, you'll be even more excited to see the highest quality snow, which is completely different from the lower area. Everyone who visits Arai feels its charm, saying, ``It's really fun,'' ``It's a great experience,'' and ``I had the best experience.'' The desire to ``definitely want to ski again'' increases, and they are drawn more and more into Arai's charm. It goes down.With facilities reminiscent of overseas resorts and a state-of-the-art management system, we have realized a world-class authentic freeriding experience while dealing with a variety of difficult management issues, including avalanches.We judge the conditions that day and open the free riding zone once it is confirmed that it is safe.We snowboarders must be aware that we ski at our own risk and with sufficient safety in mind, and we ski on high-level skies such as leaving our own lines on non-track slopes, jumping on natural terrain, and making spectacular powder turns. You can enjoy riding.Furthermore, Arai's appeal is not limited to that.The facilities and services are also world class.We received an award for ``Japan's Best Ski Resort'' from ``SKI ASIA,'' which sends information to the world.It is attracting attention as one of Japan's most advanced resorts, offering comfortable hotels, high-quality meals, and activities that offer valuable experiences.

Arai's free riding area takes advantage of the natural topography of Mt. Okenashi in the Myoko area, which boasts an abundant snowfall.It attracts many snowboarders who enjoy high-quality riding.


Enjoy freeriding to the fullest under the finest powder

Arai currently has 10 freeriding zones that take advantage of the diverse terrain.Each zone is clearly marked, but there are also zones within the resort that are completely off-limits, and trespassing there is absolutely prohibited.Free riding zones are at your own risk, so be careful to carefully assess your own riding technique before dropping.By riding the gondola, transferring from Zentana Station to the Zentana Lift, and then hiking up the ridge for about 30 minutes and dropping from the peak, you can enjoy the most popular open slope of Arai called "Osaka slope". I can do it.This is the largest freeriding zone, and the quality of the snow and terrain is top notch.It can be said to be the perfect zone to experience the best day.Arai's specialty, the ``Mamushi'', which can be accessed from this large slope and can be rotated by a single small lift, is a zone that snowboarders should definitely try.This is also known as the place where the ``FREERIDE WORLD TOUR JAPAN SERIES'' is held, and among the many freeriding zones, it has the most varied terrain and allows you to enjoy dynamic riding in a compact distance of about 1m.If you drop in here on a day when the conditions are good, you'll definitely be screaming at the fun.By changing the drop-in location, you can always discover new lines, and it's a slope that you'll never get tired of no matter how many times you ski it.Among the zones, Funaishi is the one that is most consistently open throughout the season.It often opens early in the morning and is very popular, so on weekends you'll want to get a first class lift ticket to get there early.If you ski straight along the stream, you can return to the original lift platform, so you can enjoy the ride repeatedly and efficiently.It's fun to play the same zones, but if the conditions are good, you'll be able to dig deeper into Arai's appeal by enjoying the various zones that are opened one after another.The freeriding zone has easy slopes that even intermediate level riders can enjoy. ``Osoto'', located in the upper area of ​​``Happy Place'' and ``Benzaku'', and as its name suggests, the outermost area, is recommended for those who are trying freeriding for the first time.

In the upper area, most of the trees will be covered in snow during the peak season, giving you more freedom in tracing your line.

The large slope of “THE DAY” is so popular that there are long lines of people looking for powder.Hike to the drop point to draw the line you envision.Hiking will be easier if you have the right equipment.
There are a variety of freeriding areas, and if you choose the one that suits your level, you can easily enjoy good snow.Opening times vary by area, so be sure to check the information on site.


How to fully enjoy the vast mountain of Arai?

If you want to enjoy Arai's vast slopes to the fullest, try using the guidance service starting this season.Unlike regular schools, instead of lessons in skiing technique, professional guides will show you the most recommended areas according to the weather and conditions of the day, and the level of the users.We have plans for those who are trying powder snow for the first time or those who are not yet confident in their ability to ski powder, as well as plans for advanced riders who want to enjoy Arai's vast freeriding zone to their heart's content.Not only will you be able to ski on uncompacted snow, but you will also be able to learn techniques and knowledge that will help you enjoy your snow life safely in the future, including instructions on how to use safety equipment such as beacons, which are important for enjoying freeriding and backcountry skiing.They also rent snowboards, skis, and beacons for backcountry use, so it's a service you'll want to try at least once.
Also, if you want to fully enjoy the charm of the freeriding zone with uncompacted snow, we definitely recommend the ``First Class Lift Ticket.''You can board the gondola 30 minutes earlier than the normal operating time, and enjoy the snow without any track.It's so popular that on days when snow is expected, lines to purchase first-class lift tickets form early in the morning, but most importantly, it proves that Arai has powder and uncompacted snow areas that are just as appealing. It's nothing but doing it.We want you to enjoy this top-notch experience as well.

The guide will show you the recommended areas for the day depending on the conditions.
If you are aiming for full powder where no one is slipping, first class is a must.


Relax after-hours at our top-of-the-line facilities

Arai's base area is adjacent to a high-grade hotel operated by Lotte, which is famous as Korea's top-class brand.There is a hot spring facility called Hoshizora Onsen, an indoor pool, and a restaurant where you can enjoy high-quality meals.Arai's freeriding zone is more than just one day.I want to spend several days at a top-class resort and enjoy it with friends and family.There are plenty of family-friendly activities, so you're sure to have an especially fun stay for kids.
(Question) Lotte Arai Resort: 0255-75-1100 (Hotel/room reservations)

Lotte brand hotels lined up in the base area that makes you think of a high-end Western resort.
Stay overnight at the hotel to enjoy the best powder turn first thing in the morning.That experience will be my best memory this winter.

Arai Snow Resort
1966 Ryozenji, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture Tel. 0255-75-1177

1 hour 46 minutes from Tokyo to Joetsu Myoko Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen + about 30 minutes by free shuttle bus (reservation required)
car>About 10 minutes from the Arai Smart IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway (you can arrive smoothly without having to drive on steep and long mountain roads)