23-24 NEW ARRIVAL Pickup items!

The 22-23 season is finally in the middle stage.
Exhibitions and test ride events were held in various places, and I immediately picked up the 23-24 season catalog,
Some of you may have taken it for a test drive.This time, we will pick up the most popular items!





new arrivalEBI LYT-LIFE LINE-GAME CHANGER is a series that can be enjoyed regardless of compacted or uncompacted snow, such as slope grooming, surf cruising, deep powder, and backcountry.Let's take a test ride at a test drive event in each place!Click here for tryout information



GOGGLE has INTERNATIONAL FIT series CONTEX Newcolor added to!It is called an intermix design and can be combined with any helmet.From this season's trend colors, timeless classic colors are also released.Find your favorite among the wide variety of colors.



very popular with children PAW PATROL But,goal and helmet set,visor helmetAs a new lineup! The cute characters of PAW PATROL keep children safe with a full range of functions.





SLAB.PURE newly appeared as a new option of SLAB.ONE.A model recommended for riders who are good at freestyle and freeriding that matches the natural terrain and want flexible movement.This is also an item I would like you to try at the test drive event venue.Click here for tryout information



In addition, the graphic design of the continuing model has been renewed, and the catalog can be enjoyed just by looking at it.Please check it out!