Confident work "LOVE BUZZ" to enjoy all-mountain & free carving _ Gray Snowboards

Confident work to enjoy all-mountain & free carving
"LOVE BUZZ 51" _Gray Snowboards

Gray Snowboards
OTHER MODEL: 53, 56, 56.5, 57 (ROCKER), 57 (CAMBER) * The shape is different from 51.
PRICE: ¥ 97,900 (tax included)

"LOVE BUZZ" is an all-mountain snowboarding freeride series that proposes to play using the natural terrain of the entire snowy mountain.Consists of characteristic arches and outlines for each length.He specializes in playing on slopes, from compressed snow burns to non-compacted snow burns, as well as on the "slopes" of natural terrain and swamp terrain.
The 51 is a moontail model equipped with an S camber, which is a gentle nose rocker and a camber between stances.An almighty board that can handle everything from riding to enjoy the natural terrain to tree runs in a well-balanced manner.The outline, which is smoothly connected to the nose part with sufficient buoyancy, has a shape that seems to be easy to ride, and you can experience the best sliding in powder or snow-packed burn.
Equipped with S camber that realizes a solid and stable turn while generating sufficient buoyancy
Features a moon tail that allows smooth turn control

>Gray Snowboards Gear Information
>Introducing a new structure, the super carving machine "MACH" was reborn as a run & trick model
>Two models "EPIC" and "TRICK STICK" that are very popular with Gratley users
>High-performance free carving machine "DESPERADO" "DESPERADO Ti Type R" to enjoy the real pleasure of the turn

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