Two models "EPIC" and "TRICK STICK" that are very popular with Gratley users_Gray Snowboards

Two models that are very popular with Gratley users
"EPIC" "TRICK STICK" _Gray Snowboards

Gray Snowboards
SIZE: 134, 138, 141, 144, 148, 151, 154, 157
PRICE: ¥ 89,000 (tax excluded) ¥ 97,900 (tax included)

SIZE: 138, 141, 144, 148, 151, 154
PRICE: ¥ 97,900 (tax included)

Gray Snowboards continue to make many easy-to-ride and excellent performance boards.Gray is a hot topic in the carving category, but recently it has become very popular in Gratley.Freestyle boards have always been very well received, but the absolute design for Japanese users is directly linked to their outstanding ease of use.
EPIC is a high-end full twin with active camber.An all-round model with a mid-flex design that can handle everything from gratri to slopestyle.A full twin equipped with an active camber, the synergistic effect of the compound side cut with a strong R sidecut between stances and the active camber makes it possible to prevent the edge pressure near the contact point from being too strong, but to moderate snow. Achieves both good operability and a feeling of grip at your feet with a touch. In 21-22, the outside of the foot is retuned slightly stronger to give the nose and tail tension.A board that can be enjoyed in a wide range from low to medium speed range to high rotation system from carving.
On the other hand, TRICK STICK is a soft flex full twin board with a form and flex balance that presupposes 100% gratri technique.Flex balance that balances the suppleness and repulsion of Tawami so that the nose and tail can be obtained.And designed to make the torsion between stances easy to use.It has a synergistic effect with active camber, and has both a supple flex and a pop feeling.It is easy to move even in the low to medium speed range, and its well-balanced ride attracts many Gratley fans.
Both are completely domestically produced quality and have an absolute reputation for the finish of the board.
Both EPIC and TRICSTICK use Active Camber.Same value for camber setting
EPIC adopts a composite side cut with a strong R side cut between stances, achieving both good operability and a feeling of grip at the feet.
TRICK STICK with flex balance for easy use of torsion between stances

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