What is bluesign®︎? ?What is the future of snowboarding brought about by safe products that do not use harmful substances? _<XNUMXrd session>

<Part XNUMX> “bluesign®︎ PRODUCT” is now expanding rapidly

snowboard manufacturer and bluesign®︎ What is the current status of PRODUCT?

Due to environmental destruction, the earth is definitely moving in the direction of global warming. ``What if things continue like this?'' In our future, it is possible that the time we can enjoy snowboarding will become shorter and shorter.Of course, there is a possibility that we will be hit by unprecedented natural disasters such as many abnormal weather events, which could have a major impact on our daily lives.
bluesign has great significance in preventing environmental pollution including global warming®︎An increasing number of companies are becoming system partners.At present, the company is comprised of approximately 120 participating companies, including approximately 290 brands, 440 chemical suppliers, and 850 factories and other companies.As a "bluesign® system partner," chemical suppliers, fabric factories, and brands collaborate to create a safe and secure product. A sustainable supply chain is being built.This brand includes many outdoor sports and outdoor brands such as Nike, Adidas, Patagonia, and Columbia, and as a snowboard brand, BURTON started working with bluesign®️ in 2011.We will proactively introduce bluesign as early as possible.®︎We are promoting certification and productization. In terms of its raison d'être as a "purpose" company, BURTON has set the "2025 Goal" and is already reforming its manufacturing of soft goods such as bags and wear.

BURTON items are loved by many snowboarders as a leading snowboarding company.Because it is a sport that involves facing nature, safety and environmental considerations are given top priority, and reforms are being made quickly. Photo: kentaroufuchimoto.com

Already at BURTON, bluesign®︎ PRODUCTgreatly expanded

BURTON's websiteHowever, as you can see, reforms are underway with a clear goal of ``climate positive = efforts to increase greenhouse gas absorption than emissions'' by 2025.Among them, ``Use of environmentally friendly materials for the sake of the earth'' is defined as ``In order to reduce resource consumption and CO2 emissions, we use materials that are friendly to the environment and people, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and bluesign® certified materials.'' Promote "to do." By 2025, all fabrics, trims and boot leather, including soft goods, will be bluesigned.®︎Authentication” and 100% bluesign®︎ This means that we are aiming to turn it into a PRODUCT.For bags that are already sold in shops,bluesign®︎ You can see that it is tagged with PRODUCT.
Products with this tag "use only safe chemicals in almost all cases and meet the highest standards for resource conservation, consumer and manufacturer safety, and air and wastewater cleanliness in the manufacturing process." It means "to exist."Even products such as backpacks, which require water resistance, oil resistance, and dirt resistance, are clearly shown to be safe and environmentally friendly because they do not contain harmful PFAS.
"bluesign®︎There are two standards for certification.One is as a "product"bluesign®︎" indicates whether it complies with the standards ofbluesign®︎ PRODUCT. "More than 90% of the materials (fabric) used are bluesign®︎Certified materials, for example, in the case of backpacks, more than 20% of parts such as zippers and buckles are bluesign certified.®︎There is a standard that it must be a certified product.In addition, other fabrics and parts have cleared the standards of the restricted substances list and are bluesigned.®︎Must be manufactured in an authorized factory.bluesign only after meeting these conditions®︎ It is certified as a PRODUCT.
Another standard is the “bluesign” issued for “materials”.®︎ APPROVED (certified material).The fabric and other parts are bluesign®︎This means that the material meets the strict standards of Japan and is friendly to people and the environment. "bluesign® APPROVED” for products that displaybluesign®Although certified materials are used, all materials that make up the product arebluesign®does not meet the standards.It can be seen that the former meets more stringent standards.
Better materials are made through various improvements and refinements, and are neither easily available nor cheap.Under such circumstances, the key to further improvement is to prioritize delivering products that are kind to nature and safe for users.BURTONThis is the part where you can feel the company's philosophy as a company.

There are two types of tags attached to BURTON products, each with different content.Tags showing bluesign®️ PRODUCT on the right and bluesign®️ APPROVED on the left

we bluesign®︎When you use the product
How will the future change?

And this problem can only be solved by companies with bluesign®︎ It is not just a matter of focusing on producing products.Ultimately, it has a lot to do with the choices we make as consumers.we bluesign®︎ Choosing PRODUCT and using safe products will lead to movements to suppress the leakage of harmful substances and environmental destruction.For snowboarders, this will also mean protecting the field of snowy mountains that they enjoy.Among many options, we choose bluesign.®︎ By being conscious of PRODUCT, this movement should become even bigger.More Snowboard Brands Bluesign®︎ They will start moving toward the goal of becoming a PRODUCT.This will lead to solving the problems that the earth is facing in the future.

Every choice we make, choosing responsible brands and products that are bluesign®️ certified, will change our future.

Next time you stop by a snowboard shop, why not keep this in mind when choosing a product?

There is no doubt that our awareness and choices are very important in order to be blessed with good snow in the future and enjoy the best winter season. Rider: Yuka Fujimori / photo: kentaroufuchimoto.com

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