What is bluesign®︎? ?What is the future of snowboarding brought about by safe products that do not use harmful substances? _<XNUMXnd session>

<Part XNUMX> Bluesign indicates product safety®︎What does that actually mean?

Enjoy snowboarding in a wonderful natural environment.What can we do to continue enjoying snowboarding in a pleasant natural environment with good snow quality?


Determine safety by connecting three categories

Last time, we talked about how it is not easy to determine whether the snowboarding equipment we use, such as bags and clothing, contains harmful substances during the processing stages before they become products, or whether there is environmental pollution during the manufacturing process. Did.
First of all, the chemicals used in various processes are manufactured at drug factories, and there is a question of whether the chemicals themselves are safe.Of course, if the manufacturing factory also emits pollutants, it will lead to environmental destruction.Furthermore, improvements cannot be achieved unless manufacturers who manufacture products using a variety of materials also use safe materials and manufacture products that do not pollute the environment.
All three categories, ``chemical supplier (drug factory),'' ``manufacturer (manufacturing factory),'' and ``brand (manufacturer),'' must meet the standards.
"bluesign"®︎” has created a system that connects these three categories.Each manufacturing company®︎We will participate as a partner company in ``, and through the supply chain that we create, we will be able to manufacture safe products.

For a product to be truly safe, the chemicals used to process the material must also be safe.
If manufacturing factories also emit pollutants, even products made for the enjoyment of snowboarding will lead to environmental destruction.


Processes related to product manufacturing
We make judgments from three perspectives: “people,” “environment,” and “resources.”

Is the product safe and completed through a manufacturing process that has a low impact on the environment? "bluesign"®︎” authenticates it from three perspectives.
Are measures being taken to protect the safety and health of people working in the factory during the manufacturing process and to remove harmful chemicals?Does it contain harmful chemicals?We also assess the safety for those of us who actually use the product.
``Environment'' We examine whether factories are strictly observing standards to prevent pollution.
We examine whether excessive use of chemicals, water, raw materials, and energy is prevented in the manufacturing process of resources.
By assessing each category from these three perspectives, we can create products that minimize risks and protect people and the environment.

"bluesign"®︎ What is “PRODUCT”?

like this bluesign®︎Products produced through a certified supply chain are certified as bluesign.®︎ It reaches us as "PRODUCT".
The snowboard manufacturer that supplies our products is bluesign®︎ To manufacture PRODUCT, bluesign®︎Manufactured in a factory certified by BlueSign, all materials used and chemicals used to process the materials are bluesign certified.®︎It must have passed the certification.Therefore, it is safe and environmentally friendly.
"bluesign"®︎ With ``PRODUCT'', the products we use to enjoy snowboarding will no longer use harmful chemicals in the processing stage or place a burden on the environment during the manufacturing process.There is no doubt that this has great meaning for those of us who want to have fun safely and stop environmental destruction.

BURTON wear with bluesign®️ PRODUCT tag.This tag not only confirms the safety of the product but also confirms that the product was produced with consideration for the environment.
BURTON's [ak] series is at the forefront of high-performance snowboarding wear.Most of the outerwear is already available in stores as bluesign®️ PRODUCT photo: kentaroufuchimoto.com

Next time, we will talk about bluesign from the well-known snowboard brand “BURTON”.®︎ Introducing the movement towards PRODUCT.

>>><Part XNUMX> “bluesign®︎ PRODUCT” is now expanding rapidly
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