Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain Special Feature <2> Fukushima locals talk about the charm and expectations of “Nekoma Mountain”

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Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain is born

Fukushima locals talk about the charm and expectations of “Nekoma Mountain”

The two areas connected together as Nekoma Mountain are snow resorts that have been made popular by local riders.Operated by Hoshino Resorts, the resort was enjoying great excitement with international tournaments such as ASIAN OPEN, but it was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and since then it has made a comeback and made a huge leap forward.
Expectations are high as to what kind of snow resort it will become.Here, Fukushima local Futa Antachi, Hiroki Matsuura,
We asked two riders about their expectations for Nekoma Mountain and how they thought it would be fun to play.

The two of them are strongly driving the snowboarding scene in the Fukushima area while also focusing on popularization activities such as "BASIC.", which teaches kids the fun of snowboarding and skateboarding.Check out "BASIC. FUKUSHIMA" on Instagram! Left ▶︎Futa Anritsu: Born in 2 in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture. YES.SNOWBOARDS/AIRBLASTER Right ▶︎Hiroki Matsuura: Born in 1982 in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture. RIDE SNOWBOARDS/DRAGON

Not only is it wider, but there are also more variations in how to play.

All genres, all levels
It has become a mountain that everyone can enjoy together.

Since Hoshino Resorts began operating Arutsu Bandai, it has become a place where skilled snowboarders from all over the country gather through various projects aimed at snowboarders, such as holding international competitions such as ASIAN OPEN, and the bold establishment of a park. I did.Then, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and of course I think it had a big impact.However, even under such circumstances, we have been able to enjoy new things such as cat service, the park's courses have been expanded, a top class global park has been created, and riders from all over the world have come to practice.Recently, it feels like it has become a place where snowboarders of all levels gather.

I was like that too, but in the past, it just felt like a place to practice.It's a place where rider-level people from all over the world gather, rather than us locals.It was certainly exciting, but I feel like everyone is having more fun skating these days.Especially for us locals, we're really into it.Even among the locals, there is a sense that it is a mountain that represents the Tohoku area.

Depending on your ingenuity, you can find interesting lines and discover new ways to play.Nekoma Mountain can stimulate your creative mind.

Mountains with very different characters
Enjoy efficiently

The snow quality in the northern area of ​​Urabandai is by far the best.After the walking route was created, I started skiing from Arutsu Bandai, enjoyed the powder at Nekoma Bowl, then entered Nekoma via the walking route, and then skied more powder and returned.It's connected by a lift, so it's a lot more fun than walking up until now (lol).Also, in the past, the (old) Nekoma Ski Resort had regular holidays, and there were times when we had to give up on good snow, but this season we can enjoy it to the fullest.It seems like you can have a very satisfying way to play in a short amount of time.In particular, I think the opportunities for enjoying powder have expanded greatly.

It has the most variety of courses and distances in the Bandai area.The terrain is also rich.Because the south side and the north side have different characters.Do you want to go to the north area in search of snow, or enjoy the big barns in the south area when the timing is right?I decided in advance which way to go based on the conditions at the time.From now on, you can choose from within one ski resort.I'm really grateful that I can go to the ski resort first and then move around freely.I want to enjoy the park and open barns on the south side, but first I'll go to the north area and enjoy the powder before heading south.Alternatively, you can go straight to the north area first thing in the morning, ski powder, and then enjoy the south area at your leisure.

The appeal of Nekoma Mountain is that it has small waves that both beginners and kids can enjoy, and many items that can be easily accessed.

High level of understanding of staff
Make Nekoma Mountain interesting

I often talk to the staff.Local snowboarders.How can people at each level enjoy it?I think they are seriously thinking about how to combine their individual needs and enjoy the experience.I think there is good communication between the staff and the local snowboarders, creating a good atmosphere.

The staff members are snowboarders or skiers, so they know how to have fun on site and have a very high level of understanding, which I think creates a good environment and atmosphere.There are a lot of people who have successfully slipped into various departments.We also get asked a lot of questions. I often talk bluntly like, ``This is what the locals think.''Nekoma: He has become a mountain, and I hope that the locals will become even better mountains.

In the peak season, the snow is full of powder, and even in the spring season, the northern area has good snow quality and is slippery.That's why you can enjoy it in full style.

To the upper area with performance that increases satisfaction

without worrying about crowds,
Fully enjoyed in the upper area

Previously, even if you were skating in the upper area, you had to go back to the base area for lunch.It was difficult to get back up on the lift from there and it took quite a while.Many people use the high-speed quad ``Alz Express'' alone, but as you go higher up and the altitude rises, the snow quality changes, and as you go above the middle of the south area, there are more course variations.This season, you can eat at Nekoma Shokudo in the north area and The Rider's halfway up the south area, so you can enjoy it efficiently without having to go all the way back down.

Once you go up first thing in the morning, you can stay there forever.You can ski at your leisure in the upper area, so you don't have to worry about crowds even on weekends.You can also take full advantage of The Rider's, which is located halfway up the hill, to enjoy the Step Up Park in the south area where we often go.

The bus, which appeared as an item last season, is a popular item.Items with interesting ideas that you don't see at other resorts often appear.

At the wall of the detour course
Lots of terrain play

You can really enjoy the detour wall that is accessed from the lift ``Black Valley Express'' that is used to go around Step Up Park in the south area.At the kids school that we hold twice a month, everyone is very happy and plays on the walls here.

There are many terrains you can play around the Hoarfrost Chair at the top.There are also walls on both sides in the center of the north area.As you slide down, a large wall will appear on your right, and you can climb up there to your heart's content.Nekoma Mountain has a wide variety of courses and a variety of terrain, so you'll never get bored of playing.

Enjoy the feeling of floating by using the walls of the detour.How can you show off your style?One of the most exciting courses
A wall that can be played on the central course in the north area.In the second half, there are times when you can apply to the opposite side as well.Enjoy ups and downs like surfing

people at all levels
A park you can enjoy in your own style

Everyone enjoys skating at Step Up Park.Nekoma Park and Global Park in the spring seem to be at a high level, but everyone is having fun skating and getting inspired by those scenes and trying to improve their skills.Sometimes the riders also play it and have fun.Recently, I see many people visiting the park with their families.What I like is the 4 jumps in a row.It is popular among locals as it is a reasonable size that makes it easy to challenge.We all enjoy the banked courses that are completed in the north area in the spring.There is a tournament at the end of the season, and many people aim for that.

The quality of the park is very high and I think it's perfect for practicing.The floating park is designed so that people of all skill levels can play together, so even those who are experiencing terrain play for the first time can play with confidence.My favorite is the jump that can be seen in the north area in the spring.The size is nice and the landing is well made.Also, the jib section has a wide variety of variations and is fun.There will also be bold and unique items that you won't see anywhere else, such as a bus set up as an item.

There are also interesting items in the park that can be played.A drum can that you can go through, jump over, and have fun guessing.
There are items that people of various levels can enjoy, and the best environment is in place to improve your skills.
The kicker doesn't just fly, it's also fun to play by slashing the sides of the platform.

In Nekoma Mountain Special Feature <XNUMX>, we will introduce FUN RIDE TIPS that are attracting attention this season.Check out The Rider's, which is the base of the upper area, the park schedule, and interesting events!

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