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How do you rate Step On ®︎?

Interest in Step On®︎ is increasing year by year, such as seeing information sent on SNS and WEB, and seeing people who are actually using it on the slopes.Actually, the author himself who is compiling this manuscript is also a Step On®︎ user, but I asked the next person who got on the lift many times, "This is Burton's Step On®︎, isn't it?" I have a lot of experience, and I feel that the "degree of concern" around me is increasing year by year.In such a case, I will talk about some points that I like, but after all, I think it's best to try it for yourself.If so, the destination is the Snowboard Pro Shop.
So how do you actually think about Step On®︎ and give advice to users at the Snowboard Pro Shop?What kind of enjoyment is it really popular with snowboarders?Therefore, I interviewed the voices of the actual site at three shops.

"I want to slip more easily"

Meet the demands of adult snowboarders

LEAD Osaka store manager Takumi Nakajima

Anyway, it's fast to put on and take off.You don't have to sit down and attach bindings, which makes snowboarding much easier.Especially, it solves such problems as the body is stiff and it is difficult to attach bindings, and the care of children is necessary to enjoy snowboarding with the family.
And Step On ® ️ has a big difference from the system called step-in that has been sold by other companies.I think it's good that you can ride with the so-called free sole without the metal fittings for fixing the binding to the sole of the boots.That's why I can feel the same sole feeling as before without feeling any discomfort.While feeling the feeling transmitted from the board firmly, you can control the front and back side sharp turns on the turn, and the sense of stability is sufficient.
If you want that kind of stability on the turn, I recommend Photon boots.The ankle strap gives you a sense of stability, and the boots themselves are reasonably flexible, so there is a wide range of needs. Ion is stiff, so I think it is good for people who are heavy or who can ride with a firm load.
Among our customers, adult snowboarders and those who want to slide more easily will purchase Step On ®︎.If you give a lecture on how it works at the store, it will be understood and used smoothly.It has been a fairly complete system since its introduction, but I think it has become easier to choose because of the gradual increase in variations and the variety of binding colors.But after all, the classic black is popular at home (laughs).Recently, even though I'm doing snowboarding for the first time, some customers have chosen a good one to buy anyway.
shop information : LEAD Osaka 2-1-4 Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka ekikan503 tel. 06-6634-3737
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"Responsiveness" makes the turn easier

The set with ION is popular at home.

SHIFT Store manager Hideaki Satake

The gear called Step On ®︎ has a very good reaction from customers.The ride quality of the snowboard undercarriage has gradually improved, but the system itself hasn't changed much over the years.Under such circumstances, customers seem to feel new to Step On ®︎.Those who have experience using conventional step-ins can clearly feel the difference compared to the system when trying it, while those who have resistance to the metal fittings attached to the boots are sufficient. It is also a big attraction that it is easy to create an image that you can enjoy it.
I myself use Step On ®︎ in ION, but I like the fact that it is very responsive.And I think that it is very good in that it can slide easily.Even if I changed from using the strap binding for many years, I didn't feel any discomfort, and I got used to it really smoothly according to my needs such as sliding down the slope and enjoying the park.
The combination with ION is popular among our customers.Since it is firmly fixed to the binding that is the base of the suspension, considering that it is easy to control, the balance with the stiff ION is the need for those who have slipped in so far to "want to slip with a margin". I think it suits you.
For beginners and intermediates, the point is that they can be easily attached and detached.Some of the customers came to the store after getting off the lift, skating, wearing the binding in a blink of an eye, and seeing it start slipping in front of them.For those of you who are getting older and find it hard to sit down every time you put on a binding, I think this benefit is a really big motivation for your purchase.
In addition to that, for example, aiming for the slope powder in the morning, I have to slide the skating for a long time by connecting to transfer the lift, but when there is a slope and I am a little uneasy, I attach it instantly and slip quickly. To the next lift.Responding to such situations is very speedy, and you can really feel the strength of Step On ®︎.
shop information : SHIFT 3-2-13 Miyamoto, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture Yu Planning Building 1F tel. 047-404-3700
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Because there is no movement to sit and attach the binding

Actually, I don't get tired even if I slip 1.5 times as much as before

HEVEN STORE B Manager Kentaro Nakamoto

Anyway, it's fast.never tired.Since snowboarding is a whole body exercise, it uses a lot of muscle strength, but since the movement of fitting the binding mainly uses the abdominal muscles, it is difficult for beginner women to stand up. Since Step On ®︎ does not move, it feels like the number of slides increases by about 1.5 times (actually tested) compared to the binding with a strap.I don't feel tired at all.The speed will be different by about 1 minute from getting off the lift to starting to slide.This is a big advantage, isn't it?
The ride is also insanely good.The sole feels the same as the free sole, and it is not hard.It's completely different from the traditional step-in.Furthermore, with strap binding, it is tightened on the ankle side and toe side, so there is a feeling that it will move toward the ankle, but Step On ®︎ is just put on, so there is no action to push it to the ankle side.That's why you can ride right above the board like skateboarding or surfing.If you can get on the center of the board, the control will be stable.Everyone around me is experiencing this.
The heel lock mechanism is also in two stages, so even if the toe is unlocked, the heel lock will not be unlocked, so don't worry.The advice to the customer is that you will hear a click when locking, so make sure you hear it twice. If it is difficult to enter the second time, you can click it by having an ollie.After that, do not bite the hem of the wear.I always give easy-to-understand advice on getting people to put it in their clothes.Sometimes it is difficult to remove it because there is a release lever on the outside, but the heaven store has a trick to solve it.There is also a trick to eliminate the rattling of the toe when slipping.You can give a lecture if you come to the store.
In the lineup, we recommend Swath and ladies' Ritual LTD.There is no ankle strap and there is a degree of freedom, and because it is a double BOA, the instep and sneakers can be tightened separately.Also, the cuff cut (the ankle has a cut) creates flex, and it is moderately hard, so I think it is suitable for free riding and powder riding.People in their 40s bought it, and 9% of them are free riding and 1% are jumping.I recommend Ion to those who like a stiff feeling and those who want a really severe response such as races and demos.
This season we have more binding options and Step On®︎ X is out.Some of our customers are also buying new X. Burton fans love the word “X”, as does Custom X (laughs).It's hard but light. To ride firmly with X, the setup is still Ion.
I think Step On ®︎ will continue to increase in the future.Especially this year, I feel that the awareness of step-on has risen considerably, and I have received inquiries.And those who started using Step On®︎ have been using it almost 100% and haven't returned to strap binding.I think that is the power and answer of Step On ®︎.
shop information : HEVEN STORE B 4-20-12 Shibakubocho, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo Otani Building 101 tel. 042-451-7791 
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Checkpoints for Step On ®︎ that everyone cares about

Reliable lock mechanism
As the shop says, Step On®︎ saves you the trouble of finding a place to sit down to get off the lift and fasten the binding straps.Locking is completed by stepping on the heel of the boot while standing while matching it with the high back of the binding.Then step on the toe side to lock the connections on both sides of the toe.The heel of the boot has a two-step lock, so you can rest assured that it will not come off if you put it on even one step.The feeling that the heel locks can be felt as soon as you start using it.

It looks pretty smart, and the heel lock joint system is extremely compact, but the lock mechanism is perfect.

Easy and easy for anyone to handle
The smart operation unique to Step On®︎, such as "getting off the lift and skating quickly while locking your hind legs to Step On®︎," can be easily done with a little familiarity.Even when removing it, you can pull up the lever and remove it smoothly with the action of pushing your hind legs forward.The operation to master such Step On ®︎ is easier than it looks, and it is good that anyone can do it immediately.
"Until now, it was late to attach bindings, and I always kept everyone waiting. But from now on, I'm the one who waits (laughs)." I came to pick up the Step On®︎ I ordered during the shop coverage. As the person who was doing it commented, this "speed" that I got is a great merit that I can get a sense of superiority as if my snowboarding skill jumped up to one rank or more.

(Left) If the heel connection is locked in this way, you can smoothly enter by stepping on the toe connection (Right) Once the toe is locked, it will not come off until you pull the lever to release it.

Since there are no metal fittings on the sole, it retains the feeling of normal boots.
The sole of Step On ®︎ boots is the same as ordinary boots, and there are no metal fittings.Therefore, you can directly capture the feeling of the snow surface from the binding.People who have disliked the step-in system have the reasons that "the feeling of the soles of the boots is impaired" and "the boots are heavy with metal fittings", but the disadvantages of Step On ®︎ are Not at all.The response of the load movement of the turn is improved without impairing the feeling.

The sole is exactly the same as ordinary boots, and the parts of the connection part are also the minimum necessary.So it's light and doesn't feel strange

What is the difference between ankle straps and not?
In the men's model, ION and Photon are equipped with ankle straps, and Swath and Ruler are not equipped with ankle straps.Ankle straps simply lead to a difference in the feeling of how your foot is fixed.Ankle straps give you a sense of security for those who want to secure their heels and control their strength efficiently.On the other hand, without the ankle strap, the degree of freedom of the ankle is further increased. In Swath, it is also possible to firmly fix the ankle by tightening it with double BOA®︎.The lineup is well-balanced so that you can choose the feeling you like.

Use BOA and tighten the ankle with your favorite feeling.It is easy to use properly, such as loosening it a little loosely or making it tight with a spirit.

Excellent fit with the latest BOA®︎ using TX3 lace
Originally, BOA started with stainless steel lace, and from the introduction of Burton's BOA, a resin lace called TX3 was used.The BOA of this TX3 race creates a well-balanced fit, which contributes to improving the feel of the Step On®︎ system. The fact that you can adjust the feeling to your liking by tightening the BOA also contributes to the familiarity.

Using TX3 race, using "BOA SEQUE NC" which tightens the upper and lower sections with uniform pressure in one race

Introducing X with carbon high back in binding this season
For snowboarders who want a quicker response, Step On ®︎ is now available with a high back made of carbon synthetic material.The base plate is made of 50:50 carbon fiberglass and nylon synthetic material with the highest level of response, lightness and strength, and the base cushion is a Re: Flex Full BED cushion that brings out the best ride quality and reduces fatigue. Adopted.In addition to the traditional Step On®︎ binding, new options have been added.

On the right side of each is the Step On®︎ X binding equipped with a new carbon synthetic material high back.The shape is the same, but a firmer hold is achieved by changing the material.On the other hand, the standard version of the binding (on each left side) also has a large number of color variations, making it easier to choose.
X is equipped with a high back made of carbon synthetic material
You can now choose from 5 types of binding colors (the photo is a men's color).

Meet all needs from women, kids, soft beginners and intermediates to experts
There are 2 types of bindings for men, 4 types of boots, 2 types of bindings for women, 3 types of boots, and 1 type of bindings and boots for kids.You should be able to experience the "goodness of Step On ®︎" for various needs.Why don't you go to a snowboard shop and try the Step On®︎ system first?

The minimum size for kids is 22 cm.Step On ®︎ is the best gear for kids to get a lot of motivation.

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