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1_1DX_5842The article of "3 Nekoma POW WOW" held the other day is posted in the March issue of FREE RUN now on sale.In addition, the special content of "2017 Nekoma POW WOW" is being released on the WEB.You can also enjoy a gallery of special movies and events where you can enjoy the fun atmosphere of the site.

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Introducing gifts

Billabong clothing top and bottom set to support Tadashi Fuse
>A / DIV (Adventure Division) Wear Set

AG01M-702 YUKON PANT ¥ 36000
Each L size

THE DAY is very popular in Nekoma !! Single board back of head snowboards
SP-UNITED binding Corre black / Red that is not only quick to put on and take off, but also has excellent operability in free riding.
ROME SDS binding ROME SDS DOD LE / Beer that thoroughly enjoys the snowy mountains with a stylish lineup. Limited model of beer pattern released to commemorate the 15th anniversary of ROME
A special developed to enjoy a feeling and carving closer to surf ridesShapeBoard "KORUA SAHPES "special beanie & T-shirt.It's super rare
The SIMS board case [160 cm] to which Tadashi Fuse, who became a hot topic in the electric shock transfer, belongs.Not only the board, but also boots, wear, and accessories are all in one, making it a very convenient item.
Copy of JKP_0136

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2017 Nekoma POW WOW Special Content